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According to Jim is dead!

In finales, midseason 2009, television, tv on 01/15/2009 at 8:19 pm

U.S. and Canadian TV members of the Television Critics Association are in L.A. for networks to woo them about fab new and returning shows. Inside the Box is unable to finance such a venture at this time above such pandering. But I can poach like a sous chef. My gifts to you:

Good news:
According to Jim is officially dead. Praise the lord and may Jim Belushi rest for a good long time before trying his hand at another sitcom. I want to wonder how this dreck lasted eight seasons, but it makes my head hurt.

John Mayer might have his own variety show? Now all we need is a Canadian debut date for the Elvis Costello variety series that launched in the U.S. before Christmas. Hello?

Rescue Me at least has an approximate return date — late March? early April? on Showcase — and a definite guest star for a string of episodes: Michael J. Fox will star as the new love interest for Janet, estranged and deranged wife of exec/star Denis Leary’s Tommy Gavin. Oft-nominated but untrophied Leary is already peeved at the Emmy that he predicts Fox win.

So sad: Prison Break is kaput, Swingtown is confirmed dead.

October Road, left dangling after being cancelled in its second season, will soon reassemble the cast to film a finale that will be included in the Season 2 DVD, the release date of which is not yet known. Remember this show? Bryan Greenberg, a bit lit sensation after he wrote a novel based on his home town, returns home when struck with writers block to discover his old flame, played by Laura (That ’70s Show) Prepon, has a child. Is it his? Maybe the finale will finally say.

A couple of readers asking about repeats of the final season of The Shield, the just wrapped cop drama starring Michael Chiklis. Showcase says no current plans to re-air but I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t pop up between or after the current blitz of midseason debuts, then February sweeps and May’s barrage of season and series finales.

— Denise Duguay


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