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TV Dinner Time: It’s not pie I smell

In finales, midseason 2009, tv on 01/15/2009 at 8:14 pm

The cancelled series Pushing Daisies has three more new episodes yet ot air (still no dates from ABC), but how will the crust ultimately crumble in the series about the formerly dead girl, the boy who can never kiss her and the other (loveable) flakes in the tart shop called the Pie Hole end?

Exec Bryan Fuller offers just a slice of speculation, although it’s a slice so thin your mother in law’ll never come back or whatever they used to say on that old TV ad.

It’s served up on The Pie Maker (thanks to tvseriesfinales for the link). Not much — only two seconds of video, in fact — but it’s something.

Now, you think that’d leave me craving some Key Lime or Deep-Dish Apple. But if you read the question posed by the news item — and the reader speculation — perhaps it will also make you crave Betty’s Macaconi and Tomatoes and Cheese. So here is an entry from the vault of the on-again off-again TV Dinner Time series, from my Montreal Gazette TV blog, Inside the Box. Betty, better known to me as Mother, says bon appetit.

— Denise Duguay


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