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In television on 02/04/2009 at 10:01 am

Let’s see. Computer ate my homework. I had a bad day at the office. My mother was giving me grief. Naw. I don’t have the heart to lie. I’m a day late and a blog post short. It’s been a busy week and I spent the weekend getting caught up on Battlestar Galactica. Holy Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid episode cliffhanger! Will Admiral Adama and Col. Tigh survive the firefight against the Gaeta-led Galactica rebels or go out in a hail of bullets, freeze-framed for all of intergalactic history? What’s that? You saw the promo for Blood on the Scales, the next episode (Friday at 10 p.m., repeating Sunday at 6 p.m. on Space, the Imagination Station, the cable channel with the best name ever) shows a very much alive Adama being hauled somewhere by somebody? Oh.
At any rate, all I have for TV on DVD is this crummy list. I promise. Next week I’ll put my nose to the grindstone and at least find someone else’s clever writing on TV on DVD releases. I knew you’d understand.
Here are some TV-on-DVD releases new on shelves this week. As always, thanks to Amazon.ca and TVshowsonDVD.com

Columbo: Mystery Movie Collection 1990
Bewitched: Season 7
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Collection, Vol. 14
Trailer Park Boys: Season 7
The Partridge Family: Season 4
Becker: Season 2
60 Minutes Presents: Barack Obama’s Road to the White House
Due South: The Final Season
Rent a Goalie: The Complete First Season
Da Vinci’s Inquest: Season 2
Dark Angel: Season 1
Dave’s World: The Second Season
CSI: Grissom and Willows
Escape to Chimp Eden: Season 1
CSI Miami: Caine and Duquesne
Jon and Katae Plus Ei8ht: Season 3
— Denise Duguay

  1. hi dot,
    I am watching “Being Black in America”, I caught the instigator
    of the program on “The Colbert Report” & accidentally saw a segment
    of “Being Black in America”. Very informative & to think all this
    racism & other terrible fall-out happened in my life time & also
    yours. There was a part about some blacks “passing as white”.
    I think the series is worth watching.

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