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TV on DVD: Cracker

In dvd, television, tv on 03/10/2009 at 10:11 pm

You kids are more likely to know Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid, the lovable ogre character in the Harry Potter movies.
But back in the olden days of the early ’90s, Coltrane was, and could only ever be, Fitz, the cranky, boozing, adulterous, bastardly, self-loathing, big-hearted and brilliant forensic psychologist working with the Manchester police. And you think House is tortured?
Cracker was the series and the full collection (all three seasons, plus two standalone movies) has been released on DVD with an extended interview with cast and crew.
The crimes stories are rocking. The supporting cast is spectacular: Christopher Eccleston (Heroes, Dr. Who) as the police boss, Geraldine Somerville as “Panhandle” Penhaligan and sometime apple of Fitz’s jaded eye, Barbara Flynn as the ferociously wounded and loving wife). But the reason to watch this is Coltrane’s rivetting character study of Dr. Edward Fitzgerald.
He’ll break your heart and make you laugh and all over again.
Pretend the U.S. version, starring the late Robert Pastorelli, did not happen. This Cracker is the real article.

Here are a couple more TV on DVD releases.

South Park: The Complete 12th Season
Get Smart: Season 2
Family Ties: The Fifth Season
Berserk: Complete Series (remastered)
The Baron: The Complete Series
Caroline in the City: The Second Season
The Best Years: The Complete First Season
The Starter Wife: Season 1
Forgotten Ellis Island
— Denise Duguay


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