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TV on DVD: Caprica (almost)

In dvd, series debut, television, tv on 04/20/2009 at 8:28 pm

I have GOT to start pulling some strings and muscling publicists into sending me more of those advance DVD review copies. I must. But what with the damn day job and the mother and the intolerable return visit from the cold-flu virus, well … okay the dog ate my DVD review of Caprica, this week’s exclusive DVD-only release of the debut episode of the Battlestar Galactica spinoff. The series will hit Canadian TV’s Space channel in 2010.


I even tried squeezing out a tear in HMV, where the young clerk admitted the goods were in the building. I made my case. That it was for my bedridden mother, whose only solace was quality sci-fi. But she refused, heartless wench. And perhaps I should say that Mother is not bedridden. Just grouchy. And sci-fi does nothing to improve her mood.

And so. I will have a review of Caprica as soon as I am able. Otherwise, I might be tempted to write at great length and with considerable venom about My Own Worst Enemy: The Complete Series and how the ridiculousness of the spy-with-two-warring-personalities plot was matched only by the series’ unwillingness to die a quicker death. Christian Slater, hang your head.

Until then, make do with this list of other DVD releases.

Dallas: The Complete 11th Season
Hawaii Five-O: Season 6
Rhoda: Season 1
My Own Worst Enemy: The Complete Series
Hannah Montana: The Complete First Season
American Experience: A Class Apart
Life of Ryan: The Complete Series
Wolverine and the X-Men: Vol. 1, Heroes Return Trilogy


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