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TV on DVD: Saving Grace

In blu-ray, dvd, television, tv on 05/26/2009 at 9:24 pm

Bad news: Despite the best of intentions, and the boyfriend who has monopolized the DVR with episodes of Ultimate Survival: Everest, I completely missed Showcase’s airing of the second season of Saving Grace,

Saving Grace: Season 2

Saving Grace: Season 2

the brilliant cop drama starring the wee, tiny explosively intense Holly Hunter as damaged-goods Det. Grace Hanadarko. Oh yeah, and her pain-in-the-ass angel Earl (Leon Rippy) and the death-row inmate Leon Cooley (Bokeem Woodbine) she sees in her dreams, Grace’s sainted nephew and, although she’s visually absent from every scene but present in many things our heroine does and does not do, Grace’s sister, who died in the Oklahoma City bombing. There’s all that and lot’s of sweaty sex, sometimes with Grace’s “boyfriend” Hamm (Kenny Johnson). Oh, and violence that is more terrifying for being bookended by ragged humour (Grace to one suspect, “Let’s take the stairs.” Insert the sound of a body taking the fast route.).
So bad news that I missed it. But good news that Season 2 will be out on DVD on June 16.
Now this doesn’t help you, who are so sweetly helpless without my advice, to decide what new TV on DVD to buy or rent right now. I’m sorry. It’s spring. I’ve been a little distracted watching Lost’s finale again. And again. (Advice: Do not, ever, watch any episode of Lost with your mother. Or at least not with my mother. Very hard to keep straight your Jacobs from your Ilanas and your dose-of-bad-Dharma-canned-food from your God-playing-chess-with-Satan theories.)
But back to you. I’m no good to you this week. But in two weeks, oh yeah you’ll thank me. And maybe next week, I’ll be back in the game. Oh yeah.

Now here is a list of new TV on DVD that I have no strong enough opinion of to fake my way through.

The Closer: The Complete Fourth Season
Law & Order: SVU — Year Nine
Designing Women: The Complete First Season
The Universe: The Complete SEason 3
Degrassi: The Next Generation:Season 7
Gunsmmoke: Vol. 2 — Season 3
Mod Squad: Vol. 2, Season 2
Jeeves & Wooster: The Complete Series
Greek: Chapter One
Futurama: Vol. 4
Kyle XY: The Complete First Season
Secret Life of the American Teenager: Season One
The Invisibles: Series 1
Ice Road Truckers: The Most Dangerous Episodes
Dark Angel: Season 2
Cities of the Underworld: The Complete Season 3

— Denise Duguay


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