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TV on DVD: A killer of a season for Dexter and the death of Dirty Sexy Money

In television on 08/18/2009 at 9:43 am

Season 3 of Dexter, out now on DVD and Blu-ray to whet your bloody appetite for the Sept. 27 premiere of Season 4 on The Movie Network, was full of shockers.

Dexter Season 3 in DVD and Blu-ray

Dexter Season 3 in DVD and Blu-ray

Dexter Morgan, a father? Sure, he’s good with Rita’s kids, but what does the solidly moral murderer feel, and I believe he can feel despite voiceovers to the contrary, at the prospect of his Dark Passenger staring back at him in a baby blue eye?

Then there is the stomach-churning turnabout when Dexter’s planned justice-murder of a drug thug called Freebo becomes a season-long complication. Toss on that pile the carved-up victim’s of The Skinner.

But best of all is Dexter’s unlikely partnership with a surprisingly bloodthirsty Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado. Most shocking of all is that the ADA is played by a Jimmy Smits, who knocks the door down with a stunning season-long performance.

Here is the season’s most memorable moment, in which Smits, who had sunk to a melodramatic low in the 2007 drama Cane, vaults to a career high of dramatic intensity.
Extras on this disc are minimal, including interviews with Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter (the onscreen brother and sister are now husband and wife), Julie Benz, Lauren Velez and David Zayas; episodes from other Showtime series The Tudors (S3) and The United States of Tara (S1), plus book excerpts.

Also out this week is Season 2 of Dirty Sexy Money. I was nearly holding my breath for the arrival of the final four episodes of this ABC drama, which — like Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies —

Dirty Sexy Money Season 2

Dirty Sexy Money Season 2

was axed and the axing was blamed on the writers’ strike, which kneecapped the first season and delayed the start of the second. While the other two were charming and off-centre, I could see where they had failed to grab a huge audience, writers’ strike or not. But Dirty Sexy Money was, in its first season and the start of its second, a great hybrid of Park Avenue soap and suspense — was lawyer Nick’s lawyer father killed? if so, by whom, or worse, by which member of his family, biological or otherwise? Dynasty with real drama. With that cast, how could it miss: Jill Clayburgh as the cunning matriarch, Donald Sutherland as the saint/snake patriarch, Peter Krause as Nick, around whom the money and mystery swirled, all just slightly out of reach. But by the time the last four episodes started rolling out, it was clear that the spark had gone out. Central to the failure was the decision to have Nick dump his wife and stop resisting the moral rot of the Darling clan. Once Nick was lost, who was there to root for? The poor rich Darlings? Terrible, humdrum end to a promising series.

TV-on-DVD titles new on the shelves this week:
Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Season
Simon and Simon: Season 3
Eli Stone: Season 2
Everybody Hates Chris: The Final Season or The Complete Series
Greek: Chapter 3
Sons of Anarchy: Season 1
Man Vs. Wild: Season 3
The Beast: Season 1
Cracker: The Complete Series (U.S. series)
The Judy Garland Show, Vol. 1
And here are last week’s titles. I took a day off and never quite recovered my friends. Apologies for the delay although, truth be told, there was not much to miss in these summer drudge days:
90210: Complete First Season
Adam-12: Season 3
The King of Queens: Season 1-3
The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle: Season 1

— Denise Duguay


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