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Emmy predictions and the lost red carpet

In television on 09/18/2009 at 10:06 am

The 61st edition of The Emmys — America’s celebration of the best, or at least “best” of television — kicks off Sunday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV and CBS. (And I should also remind you that Quebec TV’s Gemeaux awards are also being broadcast live on Sunday, starting a bit earlier, at 7:30 p.m. ET, on Radio-Canada. Gazette Show Biz Chez Nous columnist Brendan Kelly will report on those proceedings later in the evening at montrealgazette.com/arts)

Here are my Emmy predictions:

The big winner of the night: The audience, because Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) will be spectacular all on his own, but especially in comparison to last year’s collective of reality-show hosts. It still hurts to remember that pointed unfunnyness.

I have some other mindless predictions about major category winners and a link to a ballot and all that below, but first…

The big loser of the night: Lovers of catty red-carpet sniping, who also love to hate the stupid questions that giddy and stressed TV interviewers pelt at actresses trussed into chiffon and georgette and all other manner of couture torture. Why are we, I mean they, going to be losers Sunday night? Because I cannot — and please correct me if I’m wrong here; it has happened before — find a red carpet show other than Live at the Emmys from 6-8 p.m. ET, which is broadcast on Los Angeles local station KTLA, which I don’t currently subscribe to and will, I’m sure, require that I get a third job to pay for. CBS eases into the awards show with an episode of 60 Minutes, as though this were any old Sunday night, and CTV has Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory. Feh!

WTH? No red carpet for ordinary cable subscribers? Is this a joke? Am I losing perspective on what is important in life? … No, I’ve thought about it and a major awards show preshow, making petty comments about the unfortunate fashion choices and occasional red carpet victory is a staple, like cocktails, ripple chips, sour-cream-and-onion-soup-mix dip and and alternating phone calls to my mother and friend Anna Marie, both of whom can work up a good red-carpet tirade.

What’s a catty Emmy watcher to do, I guess, than wait and judge while they are either presenting or accepting awards. Again, feh! Hopefully, I will find news of a petty little jewel of a red-carpet show and will immediately share. I won’t be covering the awards per se; rather, I will be drunk dialing Mother and Anna Marie about the atrotious decolletage of what’s er name and missing the actually winners’ names altogether. You make your own fun. The winners will be everywhere by late Sunday, but I’ll try to at least post a list.

Here are some shallow, ill-considered predictions.   More importantly, here is a printable ballot of the major categories, for which I thank and direct you to support buzzsugar.com, who are promising substantial-Emmy night coverage. It’s an 8.5-by-11 inch pdf page. Perfect for your home printer.

And now:

Best drama: It will go to Mad Men, although parts of the second (nominated) season were quite drab. I’m rooting for House, which hits the mark almost every week.

Best comedy: It will go to 30 Rock, although that show sometimes leaves me a little cold. But I’d love for the winner to be How I Met Your Mother, which maintains a great comic ensemble and manages to keep reinventing the suspense of who the darn mother is.

Best actress in a drama: Elisabeth Moss probably will and should win for Mad Men. Her secretary turned ad woman is gorgeous in its constraint. The finale between her Peggy and Pete was breathtaking. (And her drug experimentation in this new season was hilarious and touching.)

Best actor in a drama: I’ll go with what will surely be the dramatic juggernaut of Mad Men and choose Jon Hamm. His ad man is perfect, even when he’s repulsive.

Best actress in a comedy: Will 30 Rock sweep in the comedy categories? I’m a bit over 30 Rock but I don’t think the Emmys are, so congrats, Tina Fey. But wouldn’t it be great if Toni Collette won for the cable series United States of Tara, about a woman with dissociative personality disorder (which you might remember for the ’60s and ’70s TV movies as split-personality disorder). Even better would be giving it to Christina Applegate, whose lovely little series Samantha Who! is now no more.

Best actor in a comedy: I have this feeling that Jim Parsons will take this one for Big Bang Theory and it wouldn’t make me yell at the TV. His fidgety nerd character and the series are surprisingly lovable.

And, cutting this short only because I have to get to my real (paying) job, I’ll finish with a mini-tirade:

Best writing for a comedy will go to 30 Rock (duh! it has four of the five nominations, with the other going to Flight of the Conchords. This is really a shameful state of affairs: one series, one nomination per category people! 30 Rock is not the only strongly written, intelligent comedy out there.)

Best writing for a drama will go to … well same situation here. Four of the five nominations are for Mad Men. WTH. How small. So it’ll probably go to Mad Men, which IS well-written, but many others are deserving of the credit, House and Dexter and Breaking Bad being only the front of the pack of strong writing in dramas. But I am pulling for Lost, another leading, well-written series, which is nominated for The Incident. Go Lost. And get lost Emmy nominators!

— Denise Duguay


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