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Friday poll: Loving Lithgow and looking for another show to kill

In television on 11/06/2009 at 11:37 am

Hello chickens! If this is Friday, then it’s time for another poll.
Last week on Inside the Box, we asked: Who is your favourite new television character this season?

My vote went to Edie Falco’s junkie-nurse-philanderer in the Movie Network dramedy Nurse Jackie. And I was alone. Sigh. Not even Mother would stand with me on this one.
According to you louts, the most favoured new character this season was…
John Lithgow, all creepy and occasionally naked (very naked) as the evil Trinity Killer on Dexter, evil as opposed to the “good” avenging title killer, played by Michael C. Hall. Lithgow took home just over half the votes.
The remaining vote getters were:

  • Julianna Margulies as the lawyer/mom in The Good Wife with 19 per cent,
  • The evil vampire brother on The Vampire Diaries, played by ex Lostie Ian Somerhalder, with 14 per cent, and
  • The wierd kid on The Middle and the vampire queen on True Blood, with five per cent apiece.

There were, however, a couple of glaring oversights in last week’s poll options. The first was pointed out by a Facebook friend Pat S.: “Sue Sylvester, coach of the Cheerios on Glee!” Chapeau to you, Sue, you demented blonde. (And thanks to you, Pat.) The second was pointed out by fellow Gazetteer Jordan Zivitz, who offered: “Robert Knepper’s carnival weirdo on Heroes”. Perhaps if I have a poll on which male characters make the best use of smudged eye liner, I’ll include Knepper. Thanks for the tip JZ.

Now then, this week’s shameless self-indulgence is this question: Which show deserves to be cancelled next?
Acclaimed L.A. cop drama Southland has been saved from certain death now that TNT, a U.S.-only cable outlet, has confirmed it will carry the show that NBC killed before airing any of the second season THAT IT ORDERED LAST SPRING??? (Details yet to be revealed about how or if Canadians will see it since TNT is not available except to computer eggheads).
Otherwise this season, the new show death tally is pretty low so far: The Mischa Barton modelling “drama” The Beautiful Life was exterminated after just two episodes.
Trauma, about the melodramas among emergency responders, has been sacked, although NBC will air all 13 episodes initially ordered.

But surely, you have other shows you’d like to see die. And I’m not limiting it to new shows. I haven’t heard a single good word about Grey’s Anatomy yet this season. There’s a handful of other options in this week’s poll, which you’ve already seen up top.
Vote and vote as many times as you like. And if you don’t see a show you’d like to see die, you can add it youself.
Bon weekend!
— Denise Duguay


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