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Bye bye As the World Turns, Bonnie Hunt

In television on 12/08/2009 at 8:49 pm

Jaysus Mary and Joseph. A TV blogger can’t slough off or more than a couple of weeks without the twitter machine going crazy with news!

So let’s try and catch you up, shall we?

Bonnie Hunt, lovely woman that she is, is calling it quits again, or at least her talk show is wrapping production this spring. Too bad really. She’s so darn nice.

You might have heard that — hand me a tissue, Mabel — the 54-year-old daytime soap As the World Turns — is being put out to pasture by CBS, with the last episode coming in September 2010. But have you gotten the news Proctor and Gamble (yes! the company that makes soap and other stuff and sometime in the olden days gave rise to the term “soap” opera) behind the show wants to keep the series going online or on a cable channel. All they need is your support, your P&G purchase dollars (?!) and your click on their petition. Click here to get the entire story via tvseriesfinale.com.

Now then, I’m sure there’s more i’ve missed, but cut me some slack. I’m bleary eyed trying to get through the sainted Lost Season 5 DVD. Any second now that review will write itself.

— Denise Duguay


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