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Series debut: Parenthood debuts Tuesday on NBC

In television on 03/02/2010 at 8:44 am

Series name

Tuesday, March 2 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC

Regularly airs
Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET, repeating Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC

Big family. Big kids. big complications as the adult children and the parents and actual children children tangle a little too closely. Meet the Bravermans.

Primary cast and crew
Bonnie Bedelia
(Heart Like a Wheel, The Quiet Room) is Camille, the serene matriarch
Craig T. Nelson
(Coach) is Zeek, the patriarch, a Vietnam war vet and … let’s just say a high-energy guy.
Peter Krause
(Dirty Sexy Money, Six Feet Under) is Adam, first born (ahhhhh!) son to whom everyone turns for advice. Daddy issues. He’s married and they have a wilful teenage daughter and a puzzling young son.
Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) is Sarah, second eldest, a single mother to two teens who moves across the country and back into her parents’ home in the hopes of creating a more stable environment for her two cranky teen children. She’s the “free spirit” (aka screwup).
Erika Christensen (Traffic, Flight Plan) is Julia, a lawyer and by the book parent whose husband stays at home to raise their young daughter. She is the opporite of Sarah.
Dax Shepard (Old Dogs, Life with Bonnie, Punk’d) is Crosby, the youngest. He’s coasting, although his longtime girlfriend wants him to commit.
Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Jason Katims and David Nevins are creator producers: this series is adapted from Howard and Grazer’s film of the same name.

Buzz buzz
Maura Tierney (News Radio, ER) originally had the role of Sarah, but dropped out after being diagnosed with cancer. Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) was tapped to replace her. The shuffling pushed the show from fall to midseason.s

But what do I know anyway? After not having seen the pilot I predict…
Wherever Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham goes, I will follow. As long as I can still make it back to Stars Hollow in time for bed.

Other reviews
Alan Sepinwall at the New Jersey Star-Ledger says “Like the movie that inspired it, Parenthood isn’t an instant classic, but it’s smart and warm and knowing, and it casts its net so wide that at least part of it should connect with you.
Rick Porter at zap2it likens it to Friday Night Lights in style and says the first two episodes are promising.

Official website
Quite decent. Not so many videos that my lame little laptop was paralyzed, couple of games (my parenting style, by the way, is Developmental, which I like to think it would be; the driving game was a bore), a spot to share your parenting stories because “everybody has parenting stories to tell”, embedded Facebook and link to Twitter (nice and nice), and usual photos, video links and episode guide.

2,191 fans as of this writing. Excellent use of fbook: T-shirt giveaways, video backstories on new characters, games, fundraising drives. I wanna live here!

65 followers, 51 tweets. Same entries as on fbook, which is an automatic penalty. in my opinion, fbook is the place for the episode promo, video backstories, contests etc. Twitter is where you establish a personality. E for effort for including a reference to series star @daxshephard1, but has he tweeted? Need some human touch here.

Can’t wait for the next new-series preview?
The Bridge, hyperventilating cop drama from the perspective of a police union rep.

— Denise Duguay


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