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Craig Kilborn headed back to talk-TV universe?

In television on 05/06/2010 at 12:00 am

(Talk show host Craig Kilborn celebrates the approach of his  five-year anniversary on CBS on March 29, 2004 with Playboy Playmates. Photo by Cliff Lipson of CBS, via Reuters)

Craig Kilborn is, according to the New York Times Media Decoder blog, returning to TV, but not to late night.

The blog post quotes an insider as saying it would not be a late-night show and also quotes an internal memo as saying that Kilborn, original host of the Daily Show and former face of CBS’s Late Late Show, will host a “combination of talk show with ‘non-political Daily Show’ “.

If you’re a fan of his very sarcastic, super frat-boy humour (perhaps you can tell I’m not a fan), you will be able to see the show only if the Fox station you get (here in Montreal, it’s Fox 44) is one of the select group of Fox stations to carry it in the U.S. The Kilborn show is reportedly being distributed by Fox’s syndication division, called 20 TV.

No word, at this preliminary stage, whether there will be a Canadian pickup. Speaking of which, we’re still waiting to see if some broadcaster in Canada will pick up Conan O’Brien’s show for U.S. superstation TBS, starting in November.


Stay tuned for more details.

Update 3:30 p.m. ET Wednesday: The Los Angeles Times’ Showtracker blog also has the story now, adding the detail that it might be an early evening show.

– Denise Duguay


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