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ABC announces 2010-11 lineup: Dana Delany, Elisha Cuthbert, Matthew Perry and more

In television on 05/18/2010 at 8:46 pm

ABC presented its new fall 2010 lineup to advertisers in New York City today (Tuesday, May 18) and while the fate of the shows remains to be seen by you, dear viewers, the network certainly scored in the enthusiasm department. Ten, count ’em 10, new series. Let’s take a look:

New dramas

Body of Proof: Dana Delany (Castle, Desperate Housewives) plays a once brilliant neurosurgeon turned medical examiner after a terrible car accident. She’s pushy, She’s a workaholic. She needs to spend more time at home. But those cops can’t be trusted to solve that crime all by themselves! Also stars Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager).

Detroit 1-8-7: Michael Imperioli, James McDaniel and Shaun Majumder (Canadian alert!) star in this series within a series about the members of Detroit Police’s homicide division whose lives and and work are tracked by a documentary crew.

My Generation: Jaime King (Gary Unmarried) stars in another series in which a documentary crew figures: A group of high school students is profiled by a documentary crew in 2000, then revisits them 10 years later to see if they’ve realized their dreams. But funny thing about what you hope for yourself at 18…

No Ordinary Family: In what sounds like a cross between Lost, Heroes and Robinson Crusoe, a family in need of bonding set off on vacation, but their plane crashes into the Amazon River. They each discover new superpowers. Which certainly helps with the bonding. No word on whether there is a smoke monster or confounding plans to time travel. Stars include Michael Chiklis (The Shield, Fantastic Four) and Tate Donovan (Damages).

Off the Map: Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice’s brain trust Shonda Rhimes et al have a new medical drama set in a small South American jungle. There will be idealism, sex, jadedness, sex, surgery, sex and deep thinking, followed by sex. Stars include Caroline Dhavernas (Montrealer alert!, De Pere en Flic, The Pacific, Wonderfalls).

The Whole Truth: You know how Law & Order (not dead yet! says Dick Wolf) clocks how the cops and prosecution build their case? This legal procedural follows the action on both sides of the courtroom. The players are Kathryne Peale, of teh New York State District Attorney’s Office, and pal-since-Yale Jimmy Brogan, rising criminal attorney. The sparring friends are played by Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck) and Rob Morrow (Numb3rs, Northern Exposure). Some guy named Bruckheimer is involved in the production. Apparently, he’s a comer.

New comedies

Better Together: Couple dating for nine years are content just as they are, until her younger sister announces that she is getting married and having a child with her new boyfriend and the girls’ parents are as thrilled as the new bride to be. The nine-year veterans are reeling, played by Jennifer Finnigan (Montrealer alert!) and Josh Cooke.

Happy Endings: Fortunately Dave and Alex are still friends, despite having recently split. But their closeknit group of mutual friends are still in a dither about how this breakup has changed their social lives. The uncoupled are played by Elisha Cuthbert (aNOTHER Montreal alert!) and Zachary Knighton.

Mr. Sunshine: Matthew Perry (Friends) stars in this sitcom about a doofus manager of a crumbling sports arena who begins to question his life choices as he turns 40. Fortunately, he’s got the stock sitcom characters around him, the solid boss, the occasional squeeze, terrifying assistant, fresh-faced new employee and goon operations crew.

New unscripted series:

Secret Millionaire: This show is about wealthy bosses going undercover but should not be confused with Undercover Boss.

Returning series:

America’s Funniest Home Videos
The Bachelor
Brothers & Sisters
Dancing with the Stars
Desperate Housewives
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
Cougar Town
The Middle
Modern Family

Buh bye: Lost, Romantically Challenged, FlashForward

Here’s the day-to-day schedule for the fall with new shows in all caps:


8 p.m. Dancing with the Stars”

10 p.m. Castle



9 p.m. Dancing with the Stars the Results Show

10 p.m. DETROIT 1-8-7


8 p.m. The Middle


9 p.m. Modern Family

9:30 p.m. Cougar Town




9 p.m. Grey’s Anatomy

10 p.m. Private Practice




10 p.m. 20/20


8 p.m. Saturday Night College Football


7 p.m. America’s Funniest Home Videos

8 p.m. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

9 p.m. Desperate Housewives

10 p.m. Brothers & Sisters

-Denise Duguay


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