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TV on DVD: At long last, Lost Season 6

In television on 08/24/2010 at 5:52 am

My prediction: You will love or hate the brand new release of Lost: Season 6 just as you loved or hated the controversial series finale of Lost back in May.
Normal, this would be a “duh, yeah” sorta thing. As the philistines who never got Lost would say, it’s just TV. Of course. But I suspect that there are still plenty of fans of the show who were hoping that the much ballyhooed 12-minute final chapter on the Lost saga, The New Man in Charge, would heal their rageful hearts. I won’t detail the New Man storyline, though there are many, many spoilerish examples on the web, but I venture it will be embraced by those who loved the Lost finale and hated as not enough, not NEARLY enough for those who felt ripped off by the so-it-really-was-purgatory? aspect of the finale. I fall into the first group. It was what it was. Initially, I felt ripped off by the curtain of loose threads and the seeming dropping of the many, many rules I had been so devoted to sorting through to … finally … understand! But I came around to feeling that Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof captured at least the heart of the series in the churchy final moments of the finale. And heart, I think now, is more important than all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. You?

So this DVD will not win you over if you hated the Season 6 finale, and — truth told — it might even make you hate the show a little more (please see: commentaries, below), but damn if it’s not good to see the gang one more time. One LAST time. And yes, that is verklemptness you hear in my voice.

So, the specifics of the extras, ending with my fave:

The New Man in Charge featurette: Only 12 minutes long but lots of gems, with a few true gifts. Don’t wreck it for others by spoiling, but if you rent only one of the five discs in this standalone season, rent Disc 5 for this alone.

Bloopers: Always fun. Not as good as past seasons.

The End: Crafting a Final Season: Cast and crew talking about the final year. Meh. Not bad.

See You in Another Life, Brotha: Now this one had me a little miffed. The “Brotha” made me hope this was the dose of Desmond, sailor and saviour, who should have been so much more present in the winding down of the series. But it’s a rehashing, by cast and crew, of the “sideways” flashes. Geez. Not necessary.

Lost on Location: I have to confess that while I have dutifully viewed this perennial on the past five season DVD releases, I didn’t bother this time, although Lost lovers will, I’m sure, love this too.

Four episodes with commentary: LA X, Dr. Linus, Ab Aeterno, Across the Sea. In the weekend crush of getting ready for this weekend’s Emmy Awards (Sunday night on NBC), I had time for only one full episode commentary, but I chose wrong. Across the Sea, which starred Allison Janney as the bad mother who manipulated the Boy in Black and Jacob into their long-running roles of good and evil, was my least fave of the season. I hoped the commentary would help me see what I’d read others to have seen: It was essential and clever. It was not, even with Cuse and Lindelof’s commentary or rather BECAUSE of it: They wheedled, they begged, they rationalized for this episode to be respected. Seriously. No. I will however go back after the crush of fall season premieres and watch the other three commentaries. After which I will marathon watch the entire series, even though I know it will not end logically, but with great heart. Speaking of heart…

A Hero’s Journey: This is the extra I loved the most. Punctuated by lines from the work of the great writer Joseph Campbell, it features cast and crew talking about taking the hero quest concept and multiplying it by the 16 main cast members. I loved it. “We must let go of the life we had planned to embrace the life we have planned so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” This made my heart swell for Jack, whose unwillingness to accept his hero role was maddeningly (yelling at the TV maddeningly) prolonged, though it made his final acceptance all the more, there’s that word again, heartfelt.

Having gone all mushy on you, I will recover by reminding you that in addition to the Season 6 release on DVD and Blu-ray, there is also a full series DVD and Blu-ray release out this week. The latter have amazing plastic toys and all manner of fun stuff and by that I mean it still won’t soothe your rageful “I hated the finale” heart. But perhaps another Campbell quotation will soothe you?

“Nothing perishes in the universe. It does but vary and renew.”

So, if Lost was your fave series these past few years, what will be your new fave show this fall? Me, I’m already wedded to Fringe. And if there were a sideways world, the Emmys would have honoured John Noble, who plays crazy sweet mad scientist dad Walter, with an Emmy nomination on Sunday. But they didn’t. If you want more Emmy talk, check out the Saturday paper/website. Former TV blogger and now Arts and Life Editor Basem Boshra and I will do a he-said, she-said on the Emmys. Join us then or join me here on Sunday night when we drag out the live blog machine and chatter away during the telecast.

Denise Duguay


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