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Hey, what was that great song on TV last night?

In television on 03/15/2011 at 5:17 pm

I love TV. Obviously. And while I have much less knowledge of it, I also love music. Imagine my delight when the two come together in a serendipitous way,  a delight that got a whole lot more satisfying when smart-phone apps created the possibility of identifying (most) any song by sampling a few seconds.

And so, it has been a regular occurrence chez moi over the past couple of years that I will pause and rewind a bit of TV underscored by a great song and replay it while holding the iPhone up to the flat screen — I know this sounds vulgar but try to focus. Presto songo, courtesy of the song ID app Shazam!

And since I just can’t stand to keep anything to myself, I am offering you a link to my playlist of songs I’ve loved and identified from recent dramas and comedies. At the moment, I’m experimenting with a music player called Mixpod, which I like because it allows me to edit the titles of the songs to include the TV series and episodes from which they came.

Click here to see and stream my heard-on-TV playlist (which bears my insufferably cute twitter handle, @tweetinthebox). I might switch players in the hopes I can find one I can embed, but so far this link will have to do. I’ll advise when I change it.

The last two additions are:

* Take Your Memory With You When You Go by Vince Gill, a chilling juxtaposition of sentimental lament and cold precision, from the opening scene of Bones’ March 10 episode, Killer in the Crosshairs.

* My Body Is a Cage, the spooky, vocally twisty Arcade Fire song as performed by Peter Gabriel, over the (as usual) tortured emotion of back-on-Vicodin House from the March 14 episode.

Have you heard a great song on TV and want to pass it on or try to identify it? I’m limited only by time and sleep, which will sometimes mean that I can’t help you, but I’m happy to try!

Check out the playlist and let me know what you think (there’s an iphone app: just search mixpod).

Denise Duguay


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