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TV on DVD: HR Pufnstuf releases a collector’s edition

In television on 04/12/2011 at 9:26 pm

In 1971, our beloved babysitter’s name was David and he introduced my young brothers and me to music like War, What Is It Good For? and In Da Godda Da Vida and, well I can’t say for certain that David was a stoner, but he was a sweet guy who smiled and nodded a lot and was content to sit by the record player for hours on end while we ran up and down the walls. He also had a powerful … herbal-scented cologne that I had not to that point encountered in catechism class or church choir or the like.

HR Pufnstuf: The Complete Series Collector's Edition

He was also a fan of HR Pufnstuf, a U.S.-made TV series from 1969-71 released on DVD this week (HR Pufnstuf: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition). It starred Jack Wild (Oliver) as Jimmy, a wee lad shipwrecked on Living Island, populated by Hamburglar-type life-size puppets, the kindest of whom is Mayor Pufnstuf, who protects wee Jimmy from Witchiepoo in his cave, the only spot on Living Island where her magic will not work.

Was David one of the many herbally cologned youths in 1970 and later who were convinced that this show was one long wink and nod to pot-smoking hippies?

Dunno. But we watched the show with him and I loved those big goofy puppets. And the theme song.

Normally, I don’t rest on just a wikipedia page, but this one seems like an excellent gathering of the story of HR Pufnstuf, including a detailed look back at the charges that the show was a cultural haven for drug references (The accusations? HR = hand-rolled, Pufnstuf = puffing stuff, etc.). The show’s creators, the Krofft brothers, always denied that they had any druggie thoughts in mind, but continued responding, even as late as 2004, to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Click here to read more on the wiki page.

Oh yeah. The extras on the new collector’s edition do NOT include rolling papers. It does however include a Pufnstuf bobblehead, colouring book download, and a rare episode, Horror Hotel. (Thanks for technorati for these details.)

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