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FX finally coming to Canada? Thank you Rogers

In television on 08/08/2011 at 8:31 am

Now then Rogers, if we can just get my iPhone bill straightened out …

Oh wait. Right. One thing at a time. Okay then, so big thanks to Rogers for this welcome news: “Rogers Media preps FX Canada,” as reported by media publication C21 Media.

To quote further: “FX Canada will go live on November 1 and will broadcast original shows from FX Productions and Twentieth Century Fox, plus US acquired movies and series, original Canadian programming and Canadian sports events.”

If “FX” means nothing to you or you think it’s merely a shorthand for special effects, I am shaking my head with pity. Here are five reasons/five excellent shows aired on FX and seen in Canada only after a heartbreaking delay, which usually involves mind-splinteringly enraging spoilers by those of us who read American entertainment sites/publications too widely (on a good day).

Rescue Me


Sons of Anarchy

The now-cancelled Damages, starring Glenn Close as a most tortured and torturing legal prosecutor

And here’s one for the future, which I’ve been reading a lot about lately: American Horror Story, which debuts on the original U.S. version of FX in October, shortly before FX Canada is expected to go live.

Now then, having returned from vacation, I will have the talk-show tango up Monday evening. You people are insatiable.

Denise Duguay


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