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Series debut for House of Lies, with a music footnote by Gary Clark Jr.

In television on 01/10/2012 at 12:09 pm

So, what did you think of House of Lies, the new series Mondays on The Movie Network. I saw one total slag on twitter: something along the lines of Love Don Cheadle, too bad about the show. Me? I liked it a bit more. Cheadle and Co. are management consultants, slick-talking, strip-joint-frequenting, stripper-fake-marrying crushing-on-each-other consultants. And the boss has an ex-wife who is also a competitor, a son who wants to be Sandy in Grease and a retired-shrink father doing the child-care duties. Nice suits, also.

Biggest stylistic flourish in this series, which is also exec-produced by Cheadle: the main character pauses the action to be  his own Greek chorus and provide occasional footnotes and explain consultancy jargon. I tolerated it for the first episode. Might get tired.

One thing beyond reproach was the choice of music to wrap up the episode: Gary Clark Jr.’s Bright Lights. Gorgeous. Buy the EP. He’s great.

Did you miss the premiere of House of Lies? Click here for the schedule, then click on the + sign beside episode 1 to find repeat times. Or watch it via VOD if you TV provider coughs up such delights.


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