TV Sept. 8-11: Preacher, Affair, Succession, Bletchley Circle: San Francisco, The Deuce, The Terror, The Feud, Bill Burr, Evelyn

Hello remote patrollers. Are we not ready for more TV? I thought you’d never ask.

Sunday Sept. 8

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is back for a 17th season and if you care about this, we are done.

Maybe Preacher can absolve you of the above sin? In Messiahs, the seventh episode of this fourth season of our lord, which runs 10:05-11:05pm ET on AMC, “Tulip and Cassidy tear across the world, hell-bent on making God pay for the latest bloody twist in His plan; an old friend presents Jesse with a unique opportunity that could change everything.”

On The Affair, from 9-10pm ET on Crave, Sasha (or Noah 2.0) meddles with the script and moves in on Helen and it’s a tossup which more profoundly irritates Noah 1.0. And in that other narrative space, Joannie’s business trip is not good.

Finally, in terms of shows I watch anyway, Succession shoulders ahead with S2 E5 aka Tern Haven, from 9-10pm ET on HBO, in which “Logan attempts to solidify his buyout of PGM at a weekend retreat at the Pierce family home; Shiv, Roman and Connor veer from their carefully orchestrated roles; the Pierces question whether an alliance with Waystar Royco will tarnish their legacy.” Whatever it takes to keep Holly Hunter and Cherry Jones onscreen, please make it so, HBO.

The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco: Season 1 (new on Netflix). You loved them as “enhance clerical” on the other side of the Atlantic. Now behold what happens when two of the resourceful British codebreakers team up with American counterparts to solve murders.

Also tonight, we also get a concert that teases Ken Burns’ Country Music series, which debuts Sept. 15. Country Music: Live at the Ryman, runs from 8-10pm ET on PBS tonight. “Country music artists perform at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn., in celebration of the country music documentary series directed by Ken Burns.”

Monday Sept. 9

On The Terror: Infamy, the episode Shatter Like a Pearl airs 9-10:01pm ET on AMC. Behold: “The Japanese Americans are forced to undertake a humiliating exercise that divides the community; Chester comes face to face with a man who forces him to question his very nature; Luz, stricken by grief, is forced to make an important choice.”

And over on HBO, The Deuce returns for a third (and final) season with The Camera Loves You, from 9-10pm ET: “On the eve of 1985, a worn-out Vincent reconnects with his ex-wife, Andrea, as his open relationship with Abby grows more distant; Candy and Harvey disagree on how to navigate a fast-changing future; fresh out of rehab, Lori is put back to work.”

Tuesday Sept. 10

PBS turns its sights on The Feud, the Season 32 opener of American Experience, from 9-10pm ET. “Exploring the Hatfield-McCoy feud through the years 1863-1891, which involved two rural families of the West Virginia-Kentucky area along the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River.”

Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 is new to Netflix and definitely not my cuppa tea, but if you like that sorta thing, you should give it a shout. I know proud addicts. “Six strangers share a fabulous house in Tokyo, looking for love while living under the same roof. With no script, what happens next is all up to them.”

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger (new comedy special in Netflix) “Stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster, Bill Burr, delivers a scathing review on the state of the world in his new Netflix stand-up comedy special, Bill Burr: Paper Tiger. Filmed in front of a packed house at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, Burr dives into Michelle Obama’s book tour, the problem with male feminists, his hang-ups on taking a bath, and why his personality is affecting his marriage.”

Evelyn is a new documentary on Netflix. “A man and his two siblings take an epic walk from Scotland to London to find peace and acceptance 12 years after their brother’s death by suicide.”

Wednesday Sept. 11

HBO premieres the documentary In the Shadow of the Towers: Stuyvesant High on 9/11 from 9-9:30pm ET. “Directed and produced by Emmy®-winner Amy Schatz, this new HBO documentary reveals how it felt to be a young person at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001 and explores how the tragic day continues to shape our world today. When the Twin Towers were attacked, teenagers at Stuyvesant High School, located just blocks away, found themselves fleeing debris in the heart of the danger zone and faced with a harrowing journey home. Through intimate interviews, the former students, now adults, many from immigrant families, passionately speak about the backlash against minority communities that followed the attack and the deep friendships with classmates that got them through.”

And the DC Alfred origin story Pennyworth continues (it also airs Thursdays on Global) on Showcase from 9-10:15pm ET. “Alfred turns down an offer from billionaire businessman Thomas Wayne and instead accepts an assignment that puts him in the crosshairs of one of the East End’s most dastardly figures.”

See you Thursday.

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