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Updates throughout, including December listings, which now include the S2 premiere date for Emily in Paris.

Catching up

Oct. 1: Welcome to the Blumhouse: Bingo Hell and Black as Night (premiere Amazon Prime Video) Bingo Hell: “When a sinister figure threatens the residents of a low-income community, a feisty senior citizen tries to stop him in Bingo Hell, a wickedly original horror movie with a fiendishly funny twist. After 60-something neighborhood activist Lupita (Adriana Barraza) discovers that her beloved local bingo hall has been taken over by a mysterious businessman named Mr. Big (Richard Brake), she rallies her elderly friends to fight back against the enigmatic entrepreneur. But when her longtime neighbors begin turning up dead under grisly circumstances, Lupita suddenly discovers that gentrification is the least of her problems. Something terrifying has made itself at home in the quiet barrio of Oak Springs, and with each new cry of “Bingo!” another victim falls prey to its diabolical presence. As the cash prizes increase and the body count steadily rises, Lupita must face the frightening realization that this game is truly winner-takes-all.” Black as Night: “A resourceful teenage girl leaves childhood behind when she battles a group of deadly vampires in Black as Night, an action-horror hybrid with a strong social conscience and a biting sense of humor. Fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, a new threat leaves its mark on the Big Easy in the form of puncture wounds on the throats of the city’s vulnerable displaced population. When her drug-addicted mom becomes the latest victim of the undead, 15-year-old Shawna (Asjha Cooper) vows to even the score. Along with three trusted friends, Shawna hatches a bold plan to infiltrate the vampires’ mansion in the historic French Quarter, destroy their leader, and turn his fanged disciples back to their human form. But killing monsters is no easy task, and soon Shawna and her crew find themselves caught in a centuries-old conflict between warring vampire factions, each fighting to claim New Orleans as their permanent home.”

My Name Is Pauli Murray (doc premiere Amazon Prime Video) “Fifteen years before Rosa Parks refused to surrender her bus seat, a full decade before the U.S. Supreme Court overturned separate-but-equal legislation, Pauli Murray was already knee-deep fighting for social justice. A pioneering attorney, activist, priest and dedicated memoirist, Murray shaped landmark litigation—and consciousness— around race and gender equity. As an African American youth raised in the segregated South—who was also wrestling with broader notions of gender identity—Pauli understood, intrinsically, what it was to exist beyond previously accepted categories and cultural norms. Both Pauli’s personal path and tireless advocacy foreshadowed some of the most politically consequential issues of our time. Told largely in Pauli’s own words, My Name is Pauli Murray is a candid recounting of that unique and extraordinary journey.”

Sunday Oct. 3

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (Season 2 premiere AMC)

Masterpiece: Grantchester (Season 6 premiere PBS) “In an all-new season, it’s 1958 and trouble is brewing in the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester. Reverend Will Davenport (Tom Brittney, Greyhound) relishes his role as a firebrand vicar, but the very role he loves puts him at odds with his own ideals when Leonard (Al Weaver) is caught up in a scandal. Meanwhile, Geordie (Robson Green) finds his principles shaken, Mrs. Chapman (Tessa Peake-Jones) is distraught, and Geordie’s wife Cathy (Kacey Ainsworth) is defiant. With new crimes around every corner, and morality and legality at odds, it’s going to take all of Will’s skill and empathy to navigate these choppy waters and help the ones he loves.”

Monday Oct. 4

On My Block (Season 4 premiere Netflix) “​​ is a coming of age comedy about a group of bright and street-savvy friends navigating their way through high-school in the rough inner city. Season 4 finds our friends two years later, having gone their separate ways. When a secret is unburied, they quickly learn you can’t run from the past and they will need to stick together to survive.”

Tuesday Oct. 5

Dave Chappelle: The Closer (comedy premiere Netflix) “As he closes out his slate of comedy specials, Dave takes the stage to try and set the record straight — and get a few things off his chest.”

Sort Of (series premiere CBC) “is a big-hearted dramatic comedy about Sabi Mehboob (Baig), a fluid millennial who straddles various identities from sexy bartender at an LGBTQ bookstore/bar, to the youngest child in a large Pakistani family, to the de facto parent of a downtown hipster family. Sabi feels like they’re in transition in every aspect of their life, from gender to love to sexuality to family to career. When Sabi’s best friend 7ven (Amanda Cordner) presents them with an opportunity to live and find themself in the “queerest place in the galaxy,” Sabi instead makes the decision to stay and care for the kids they nanny after their mom has a serious bike accident. Do they regret it? Sort of. A coming-of-age story, Sort Of is a show about how each and every one of us is in transition.”

Escape the Undertaker (interactive premiere Netflix) “Can The New Day survive the surprises at The Undertaker’s spooky mansion? It’s up to you to decide their fate in this interactive WWE-themed special.”

Wednesday Oct. 6

CSI: Vegas (series premiere 9pmCT/10ET Global CBS) “Lastly, the sequel to the international hit CSI: Crime Scene Investigation begins a brand-new chapter with CSI: Vegas premiering Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.”

Diggstown (Season 3 premiere CBC) “In this post-COVID society, our heroes’ lives have transformed, and perspectives and priorities have changed. Relationships have formed while others have fallen apart. As Marcie tackles some of her most complex and personal cases to date, she finds herself bucking up against a system that refuses to change. Colleen (Natasha Henstridge) struggles to manage Halifax Legal Aid amidst increasing interference from the board of directors. Reggie (C. David Johnson) embraces life as a guest lecturer at the University, only to become tangled in the ethically charged world of academia. Doug (Brandon Oakes) is confronted with his past and finds new romantic and job opportunities in the least likely of places. Iris’ (Shailene Garnett) ability to help others as a social worker leads her to an unanticipated and exciting career opportunity. Meanwhile, after a year spent travelling, Avery (Dwain Murphy) returns to Halifax a changed man with a desire to live a better life.”

War of the World (Season 2 premiere CBC, CBC Gem) “Set in present-day Europe and based on the timeless story by H.G. Wells, WAR OF THE WORLDS is written and created by the BAFTA award winner Howard Overman (Misfits, Crazyhead, Merlin). After a series of brutal losses, the human survivors of the alien attack mount their own fight to take back their planet. It’s four months after the initial attack and Professor Bill Ward (Gabriel Byrne) has discovered more and more about the aliens. Most shocking of all are the undeniable similarities between the humans and the aliens – but Bill can’t find any possible explanation. With the human resistance struggling, the sheer desperation to survive will drive some to contemplate taking extreme measures. Could someone be willing to sacrifice one of their own in order to save mankind?”

There Is Someone Inside Your House (movie premiere Netflix) Not going to watch this because I’d like to not have insomnia forever. “From the producers of Stranger Things and The Conjuring Universe, a high school senior (Sydney Park) and the rest of her new school’s graduating class are being targeted by a masked killer intent on exposing their darkest secrets to the world. Based on The New York Times bestselling book by Stephanie Perkins. Directed by Patrick Brice.”

Thursday Oct. 7

Ghosts (series premiere 8pmCT/9ET on Global CBS) “Samantha and Jay throw caution to the wind when they convert their recently inherited country estate into a bed-and-breakfast. Call it mislaid plans. Not only is the place falling apart, but it’s also inhabited by spirits of previous residents — whom only Samantha can see and hear. Ghosts spins the funny​, heartfelt story about a ​newfound dream that reveals connection and self-discovery aren’t just for the living.”

United States of Al (Season 2 premiere 8:30pmCT/9:30ET on Global CBS)

B Positive (Season 2 premiere CTV CBS) 

Young Sheldon (Season 5 premiere CTV CBS) 

Bull (Season 6 premiere 9pmCT/10ET on Global CBS)

Friday Oct. 8

Acapulco (series premiere Apple TV+) “tells the story of 20-something Máximo Gallardo (Enrique Arrizon), whose dream comes true when he gets the job of a lifetime as a cabana boy at the hottest resort in Acapulco. He soon realizes the job is far more complicated than he ever imagined and in order to succeed, he must learn to navigate a demanding clientele, a mercurial mentor, and a complicated home life, without losing his way to shortcuts or temptations. The series, which is told in both Spanish and English, takes place in 1984, with Derbez narrating and playing the present-day version of the main character, Máximo Gallardo.”

20/20 (season premiere ABC)

Shark Tank (season premiere CTV ABC) 

Welcome to the Blumhouse: The Manor (premiere Amazon Prime Video) “A malevolent force preys upon the helpless residents of a cozy nursing home in the gothic terror tale The Manor. When a sudden stroke diminishes her ability to care for herself, 70-year-old Judith Albright (Barbara Hershey) moves to Golden Sun Manor, an assisted-living facility with a sterling reputation. But despite the best efforts of the staff, and a budding friendship with fellow resident Roland (Bruce Davison), strange occurrences and nightmarish visions convince Judith that a sinister presence is haunting the historic estate. As patients begin to die mysteriously, Judith’s frantic warnings are dismissed as pure fantasy. Even her devoted grandson Josh (Nicholas Alexander) thinks her fears are the result of dementia, not demons. With no one willing to believe her, Judith must either escape the confines of the manor, or fall victim to the evil that dwells within it.”

Justin Bieber: Our World (doc premiere Amazon Prime Video) “The documentary takes viewers backstage, onstage and into the private world of the global superstar as he prepares for a record-breaking New Year’s Eve 2020 concert. After a three-year hiatus from a full concert, Bieber delivers an electrifying performance on the rooftop of the Beverly Hilton Hotel for 240 invited guests — and millions of fans across the globe watching via livestream. Produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael D. Ratner, the 94 minute documentary follows Bieber and his team for the month leading up to the show as they rehearse and construct a monumental stage set. The film also captures personal self-shot moments between Bieber and his wife Hailey through the artist’s own lens.

The Kids In The Hall (Seasons 1-5 premiere on Amazon Prime Video) “The iconic Canadian comedians known as the Kids in the Hall are returning to our TV screens soon! Prep for their return by re-watching the sketch comedy troupe that, more often than not, puts bizarre, unique, and insane twists in their skits from 1989–1995.”

Saturday Oct. 9

Saturday Night Live (Season 47 premiere 10:30CT/11:30ET Global, NBC) with host Kim Kardashian West and music guest Halsey.

Sunday Oct. 10

Diana (doc series premiere 8pmCT/9ET) “Diana, produced by October Films, re-examines the life of an icon through the lens of modernity: reframing her story to discover the real woman behind the “People’s Princess”. Drawing on a new generation of voices, including interviews from those close to her, the series is a fresh take that reveals a princess unlike any other. A woman more complex than history has acknowledged and a feminist role model who showed vulnerability and strength, Diana was truly a blueprint for the modern woman. … The series premiere, “The Girl from Norfolk”, explores Diana Spencer’s childhood and how a mutual desire for love and affection brought her and Prince Charles together.”

Nancy Drew (Season 3 premiere 8pmCT/9ET W Network)

This Is Life with Lisa Ling (Season 8 premiere 9pmCT/10ET CNN) “is an eight-part investigative docuseries that follows award-winning journalist Lisa Ling as she travels across America exploring communities that are often unknown or misunderstood. As the country tries to reckon with the events of this tumultuous year, there are two questions on everyone’s mind: ‘How did we get here?’ and ‘how do we go forward?’.”

The Equalizer (Season 2 premiere 7pmCT/8ET Global CBS)

NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 13 premiere 8pmCT/9ET on Global)

SEAL Team (Season 5 premiere 9pmCT/10ET on Global CBS)

Monday Oct. 11

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol (series premiere 8pmCT/9ET on Showcase) “Based on Dan Brown’s international bestselling thriller “The Lost Symbol,” the series follows the early adventures of Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon (Ashley Zukerman, Succession), who must solve a series of deadly puzzles to save his kidnapped mentor and thwart a chilling global conspiracy. The series also stars Valorie Curry (Blair Witch), Sumalee Montano (10 Cloverfield Lane), Rick Gonzalez (Arrow), Eddie Izzard (Ocean’s Thirteen) and Beau Knapp (Seven Seconds). Executive producers include Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie, Dan Brown, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Samie Kim Falvey, and Anna Culp.”

Baby-Sitters Club (Season 2 premiere Netflix) “Based on the best-selling book series by Ann M. Martin, The Baby-Sitters Club is a contemporary dramedy that follows the friendship and adventures of seven friends as they start their own babysitting business in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. As demand for their club continues to grow, founders Kristy Thomas, Mary-Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill, and Dawn Schafer have now welcomed Mallory Pike and Jessi Ramsey to their ranks. With the new school year comes booming business, new relationships, personal journeys, and important lessons, but through it all the club is there for each other every step of the way.”

Convergence: Courage in a Crisis (doc premiere Netflix) “Oscar winner Orlando von Einsiedel (“White Helmets”) spotlights a cross-section of global citizens in the COVID-19 crisis.”

We’re Here (Season 2 premiere HBO, Crave app) “The six-part unscripted series follows small-town residents as they’re recruited and trained to participate in a one-night only drag performance. In each episode, former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela Laquifa Wadley will help prepare their “drag daughters” by teaching them how to step outside of their comfort zones.”

Wednesday Oct. 13

Batwoman (Season 3 premiere 8pmCT/9ET on Showcase) 

The Sinner (Season 4 premiere on Showcase) “In the new season, still reeling from the trauma of a previous case a year ago, the now-retired Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) travels to Hanover Island in Northern Maine for a recuperative getaway with his partner, Sonya (Jessica Hecht). When an unexpected tragedy occurs involving the daughter of a prominent island family, Ambrose is recruited to help the investigation, only to be thrown into a mystery of mounting paranoia that will turn this sleepy tourist island, and Ambrose’s life, upside down. From UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group, Derek Simonds serves as showrunner and executive producer, alongside executive producers Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple through their company Iron Ocean. Charlie Gogolak, Adam Bernstein and Nina Braddock also serve as executive producers.”

Just Beyond (series premiere Disney+) “Inspired by the writings of R.L. Stine, “Just Beyond” is an eight-episode anthology series that tells astonishing and thought-provoking stories of a reality just beyond the one we know. Each episode introduces viewers to a new cast of characters who must go on a surprising journey of self-discovery in a supernatural world of witches, aliens, ghosts and parallel universes.”

Fever Dream (movie premiere Netflix after Oct. 6 release in cinemas) “Told from a decidedly feminine perspective, this hallucinatory tale explores the interconnected nature of love and fear in motherhood. A woman named Amanda vacations in a sleepy Argentine village with her young daughter Nina. Ever-concerned with her daughter’s welfare, Amanda constantly calculates the “rescue distance” needed to protect her child. She soon discovers that things around her are not as they seem. A local boy named David interrogates Amanda, as she struggles to make sense of her surroundings. The beauty of the bucolic countryside is a striking counterpoint to an eerie story of dark forces, powerful emotions, and pervasive dangers. From Peruvian director Claudia Llosa, based on the Samanta Schweblin novel of the same name.” 69th San Sebastian International Film Festival official selection fyi.

Thursday Oct. 14

Legacies (Season 4 premiere 8pmCT/9ET on Showcase)

Another Life (Season 2 premiere Netflix) “Season 2 of Another Life picks up right where we left off, as Commander Niko Breckinridge (Katee Sackhoff) watches The Achaia destroy an entire planet, a dire harbinger of what might lay in store for Earth. Her mission is now one of diplomacy, but negotiations with The Achaia are full of mistrust, on both sides. It’s a race against the clock for Niko to get back to Earth once she and her crew discover The Achaia’s one weakness that could finally level the playing field. Will Niko make it back to Earth in time to save everyone she loves, or will she and her crew be the last humans left in the entire universe? Cast includes Katee Sackhoff as Niko Breckinridge; Justin Chatwin as Erik Wallace; JayR Tinaco as Zayn Petrossian, Samuel Anderson as William; Elizabeth Faith Ludlow as Cas Isakovic; AJ Rivera as Bernie Martinez; and Tongayi Chirisa as Richard Ncube; among others.” Also: “Allan Hawco Joins S2 cast… Gabriel is everything humans could ever want from their artificial intelligence: professional, strives for perfection, and obedient, almost to a fault. But Gabriel’s beatific smile belies his deep resentment towards his life of servitude…”

Canada’s Drag Race (season premiere 8pmCT/9ET Crave, Crave app) I hate reality shows but this one seems less mean so … “The award-winning Crave Original series CANADA’S DRAG RACE returns on Thursday, Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. ET for its 10-episode sophomore season, and follows the journey of 12 fierce and fiery Canadian queens as they compete for the title of “Canada’s Next Drag Superstar.” Each episode tests the queen’s talents, and challenges them to master singing, dancing, acting, impersonations, costume making, and improvisation. Judging CANADA’S DRAG RACE this season is a panel of four homegrown icons, including Brooke Lynn Hytes, Brad Goreski, Amanda Brugel, and Traci Melchor – who are joined every week by a celebrity guest judge. One competitor is eliminated at the end of each episode, until one queen is left standing. New episodes of the one-hour original competition series roll out Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.”

Friday Oct. 15

Karma’s World (animated series premiere Netflix) OK, I normally don’t write about kids’ stuff because I have no clue, but this one comes from Chris “Ludacris” Bridges so why not! “Karma’s World follows Karma Grant, an aspiring musical artist and rapper with big talent and an even bigger heart. Smart, resilient, and deeply empathetic, Karma pours her soul into songwriting, channeling her feelings into whip-smart rhymes with passion, courage and her signature brand of humor. In this series, Karma is only beginning to grasp the incredible emotional power that words and music can have. She doesn’t just want to share her music with the world…she wants to change the world with it!” CAst includes: Asiahn Bryant, Camden Coley, Danielle Brooks, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Tiffany Haddish, Jordan Fisher, Dascha Polanco, Dawnn Lewis, Isaia Kohn, Aria Capria, Kaila Mullady, Ramone Hamilton.”

Velvet Underground (doc premiere Apple TV+) “The Velvet Underground created a new sound that changed the world of music, cementing its place as one of rock ’n’ roll’s most revered bands. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Todd Haynes, “The Velvet Underground” shows just how the group became a cultural touchstone representing a range of contradictions: the band is both of their time, yet timeless; literary yet realistic; rooted in high art and street culture. The film features in-depth interviews with the key players of that time combined with a treasure trove of never-before-seen performances and a rich collection of recordings, Warhol films, and other experimental art that creates an immersive experience into what founding member John Cale describes as the band’s creative ethos: “how to be elegant and how to be brutal.”

You (Season 3 premiere Netflix) “Joe and Love, now married and raising their baby, have moved to the balmy Northern California enclave of Madre Linda, where they’re surrounded by privileged tech entrepreneurs, judgmental mommy bloggers and Insta-famous biohackers. Joe is committed to his new role as a husband and dad, but fears Love’s lethal impulsiveness. And then there’s his heart. Could the woman he’s been searching for all this time live right next door? Breaking out of a cage in a basement is one thing. But the prison of a picture-perfect marriage to a woman who’s wise to your tricks? Well, that’ll prove a much more complicated escape.” Cast includes: Penn Badgley (Joe Goldberg), Victoria Pedretti (Love Quinn-Goldberg), Saffron Burrows (Dottie Quinn), Tati Gabrielle (Marianne), Dylan Arnold (Theo), Shalita Grant (Sherry), Travis Van Winkle (Cary), Scott Speedman(Matthew), Michaela McManus (Natalie), Shannon Chan-Kent (Kiki), Ben Menhl (Dante), Chris O’Shea (Andrew), Christopher Sean (Brandon).”

I Know What You Did Last Summer (series premiere on Amazon Prime Video) “Written and executive produced by Sara Goodman, I Know What You Did Last Summer is based on Lois Duncan’s 1973 novel, which was also the basis of the iconic 1997 film. One year after the fatal car accident that haunted their graduation night, a group of teenagers find themselves bound together by a dark secret and stalked by a brutal killer. As they try to piece together who’s after them, they reveal the dark side of their seemingly perfect town—and themselves. Everyone is hiding something, and uncovering the wrong secret could be deadly. I Know What You Did Last Summer is produced by Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television. Goodman writes and executive produces alongside Original Film’s Neal H. Moritz and Pavun Shetty, Erik Feig, Peter Guber, Atomic Monster’s James Wan, Michael Clear, and Rob Hackett, Craig William Macneill and Shay Hatten. The series stars Madison Iseman, Bill Heck, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso, Fiona Rene, Cassie Beck, and Brooke Bloom.”

Spiral: From the Book of Saw (movie premiere Starz, Crave app) “Just in time for Halloween, the ninth installment of the Saw film franchise SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW, starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson streams Friday, Oct. 15 on STARZ. Working in the shadow of his father, Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks (Chris Rock) and his rookie partner William Schenk (Max Minghella) take charge of an investigation into grisly murders that are eerily reminiscent of the city’s gruesome past. Unwittingly entrapped in a deepening mystery, Zeke finds himself at the center of the killer’s morbid game. To see the game from the beginning all films in the Saw franchise are available to stream on STARZ.”

Saturday Oct. 16

Saturday Night Live (Season 47 premiere 10:30CT/11:30ET Global, NBC) with host Rami Malek and music guest Young thug.

Sunday Oct. 17

Fear the Walking Dead (Season 7 premiere AMC)

Hightown (Season 2 premiere on Starz, Crave app) “Jackie Quinones (Monica Raymund) a hard-partying National Marine Fisheries Service agent with dreams of being a cop, is thrust immediately into the crime wave of deadly carfentanyl flooding the Cape. This season, Jackie is laser-focused on bringing down drug dealer Frankie Cuevas (Amaury Nolasco), the man she holds responsible for the death of her best friend, Junior. When Frankie’s cousin Jorge (Luis Guzmán) joins his operation, he introduces a new level of violence and chaos. With disgraced officer Ray Abruzzo (James Badge Dale) off the force and mired in depression, Jackie finds a new partner in Leslie (Tonya Glanz), the only other female on the force. Through it all, Jackie must walk the tightrope of sobriety as she struggles to stay above an ocean of secrets, betrayal and the shame and failure of her past.”

Heartland (Season 15 premiere CBC) 

Succession (Season 3 premiere HBO Crave app) “he critically acclaimed series, depicting the hyper-wealthy and hyper-depraved Roy family, returns with guns blazing after its bombshell Season 2 ending. Ambushed by his rebellious son Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Logan Roy (Brian Cox) begins the new season in a perilous position. Scrambling to secure familial, political, and financial alliances, tensions rise as a bitter corporate battle threatens to turn into a family civil war. As fractures in the Roy family deepen, this season is rounded out with new players, including Adrien Brody (CHAPELWAITE), and Alexander Skarsgård (BIG LITTLE LIES), both playing billionaire executives, and Sanaa Lathan (THE AFFAIR) as a high-profile lawyer. SUCCESSION follows a weekly release schedule, with new episodes dropping Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.”

A Suitable Boy (CBC premiere CBC, CBC Gem) “is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding). Set in vibrant 1950s India, this witty story of romance follows Lata, a spirited 19-year-old university student whose life seems to be already mapped out – by stuffy old traditions, and an overbearing mother who wants to find her a suitable husband. But, inspired by rebellious writers and daring new ideas, Lata is determined to decide her own future. It’s 1951. This newly independent India is approaching its first democratic general election, boldly breaking free of its past. Lata’s world is bursting with life and possibility. Full of sparkling humour, A SUITABLE BOY is adapted from Vikram Seth’s modern classic by BAFTA and Emmy-winning writer Andrew Davies.”

Monday Oct. 18

Wakefield (series premiere 8pmCT/9ET Crave, Crave app) “Australian drama series WAKEFIELD, starring British actor Rudi Dharmalingam. … The eight-episode season is a psychological drama that shines a comedic light on what happens when the sanest individual working in a psych ward begins to lose his grip. Inspired by show creator Kristen Dunphy’s personal experiences, WAKEFIELD follows Nik Katira (Dharmalingam) who after years working as psych nurse at Wakefield, is exceptionally good at his job. But right now, as his own sanity is slipping, he questions why? Tackling the complexity of mental illness with humor and heart, WAKEFIELD explores the fine line between sanity and madness, powered by an intriguing psychological mystery.”

Manhunt: The Night Stalker (Acorn TV Original) “The highest-rated new drama of 2019 on all UK television, Manhunt, is back, with BAFTA and SAG Award-winning actor Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) reprising his critically acclaimed role as former London Metropolitan Police detective DCI Colin Sutton in this riveting crime series. Based on the real-life Colin Sutton’s diaries, Manhunt: The Night Stalker is the true story of the police pursuit of a notorious serial rapist whose 17-year reign of terror left thousands of elderly people in South East London living in fear. The drama explores how Colin came late to the inquiry and helped solve it in a matter of weeks, taking an incredibly dangerous criminal off the streets.”

Tuesday Oct. 19

Chucky (series premiere 9pmCT/10ET on Showcase) “An idyllic American town is thrown into chaos after a vintage ‘Good Guy’ doll turns up at a suburban yard sale. Soon, everyone must grapple with a series of horrifying murders that begin to expose the town’s deep hypocrisies and hidden secrets. Meanwhile, friends and foes from Chucky’s past creep back into his world and threaten to expose the truth behind his mysterious origins as a seemingly ordinary child who somehow became this notorious monster. Brad Dourif, who voiced the killer doll in the original Child’s Play film franchise, is reprising his role. Also returning to reprise their roles are Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine, Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, Christine Elise as Kyle and Fiona Dourif as Nica. Additional cast members include Zackary Arthur (Transparent), Björgvin Arnarson (The Seventh Day), Alyvia Alyn Lind (Daybreak), Teo Briones (Ratched), Devon Sawa (Final Destination), Lexa Doig (Stargate SG-1) and Barbara Alyn Woods (One Tree Hill). Chucky is produced by UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group, and executive produced by creator Don Mancini, David Kirschner, Nick Antosca and Alex Hedlund. Harley Peyton will also serve as executive producer. Mancini, who penned the film franchise, wrote the television adaptation, will direct the first episode and serves as showrunner.”

Queens (series premiere ABC and CTV) “follows four women in their 40s who reunite for a chance to recapture their fame and regain the swagger they had in the ‘90s when they were legends in the hip-hop world. “Queens” stars Eve as Brianna aka Professor Sex, Naturi Naughton as Jill aka Da Thrill, Nadine Velazquez as Valeria aka Butter Pecan, Taylor Selé as Eric Jones, Pepi Sonuga as Lil Muffin and Brandy as Naomi aka Xplicit Lyrics.”

Wednesday Oct. 20

Night Teeth (movie premiere Netflix) “To earn some extra cash, quirky college student Benny (Jorge Lendeborg, Jr.) moonlights as a chauffeur for one night. His task: drive two mysterious young women (Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry) around Los Angeles for a night of party hopping. Taken captive by his clients’ charm, he soon learns that his passengers have their own plans for him – and an insatiable thirst for blood. As his night spins out of control, Benny is thrust into the middle of a clandestine war that pits rival tribes of vampires against the protectors of the human world, led by his brother (Raúl Castillo), who will stop at nothing to send them back into the shadows. With sunrise fast approaching, Benny is forced to choose between fear and temptation if he wants to stay alive and save the City of Angels.”

Thursday Oct. 21

The Blacklist (Season 9 premiere Global and NBC) 

Tribal (Season 2 premiere APTN) “returns where interim Tribal Chief Samantha Woodburn (Jessica Matten) attempts to overcome political red tape and must also prove herself amongst the old-white-boys club of the Metro Police. She navigates politics and procedure as she clashes with her partner, Chuck “Buke” Bukansky (Brian Markinson), a seasoned but broken-down Metro Police detective.

Hudson & Rex (Season 4 premiere City)

Friday Oct. 22

Invasion (premiere Apple TV+) “follows an alien invasion through different perspectives around the world. The series stars Shamier Anderson (“Bruised,” “Awake”), Golshifteh Farahani (“Extraction,” “Paterson,” “Body of Lies”), Sam Neill (“Jurassic World: Dominion,” “Peaky Blinders”), Firas Nassar (“Fauda”) and Shioli Kutsuna (“Deadpool 2,” “The Outsider”).

Dune (the remake of the Frank Herbert sci-fi epic premieres on this date in the U.S. only on HBO Max and in theatres in Canada, as far as I’ve been able to determine, *shakes fist at Warner Bros. Canada*

Inside Job (premiere Netflix) “For employees of the Deep State, conspiracies aren’t just theories — they’re fact. And keeping them a secret is a full-time job. Starring:Lizzy Caplan, Christian Slater, Clark Duke. Creators:Shion Takeuchi.”

Voyagers (movie premiere Amazon Prime Video) “With the future of the human race at stake, a group of young men and women — bred for intelligence and obedience — embark on an expedition to colonize a distant planet. When they uncover disturbing secrets about the mission, they defy their training and begin to explore their most primitive natures. As life on the ship descends into chaos, they soon become consumed by fear, lust and an insatiable hunger for power. Cast includes Colin Farrell, Tye Sheridan, Lily-Rose Depp and Fionn Whitehead.”

Smother (Canadian premiere CBC Gem) “is a family thriller about deeply buried secrets and their unintended consequences, set in a small town on the wild and rugged coast of Clare. When Val Ahern’s (Dervla Kirwan, Ondine) husband is found dead at a foot of a cliff close to their home the morning after a family party, she begins to interrogate the events that unfolded the night before. The deeper Val delves into her family’s secrets the more she realises how her late husband’s controlling, manipulative behaviour had a deep effect on each member of the family.”

Oscar Peterson: Black + White (documentary premiere Crave, Crave app) “Following its recent World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Barry Avrich’s OSCAR PETERSON: BLACK + WHITE premieres on Friday, Oct. 22. The Crave Original Documentary is a celebration of Montréal-born musician, Oscar Peterson, and charts his rise to prominence and legendary proficiency as a jazz pianist. The film is packed with musical moments and interviews with Peterson, as well as those he inspired and mentored, including Herbie Hancock, Billy Joel, Branford Marsalis, Measha Brueggergosman, Joe Sealy, Robi Botos, and Oscar® winner Jon Batiste.”

Saturday Oct. 23

Saturday Night Live (Season 47 premiere 10:30CT/11:30ET Global, NBC) with host Jason Sudeikis and music guest Brandi Carlile.

Sunday Oct. 24

Insecure (Season 5 premiere 9pmCT/10ET HBO / Crave app) “Starring NAACP Image Award winner and six-time Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award nominee Issa Rae, the series follows African-American best friends as they evaluate their relationships, both new and old, in an effort to figure out who and what comes with them in this next phase of their lives. After four seasons of mirror raps, love triangles, polarizing fights, and awkward moments, Season 5 gives viewers one last chance for reflection and closure on the series most important relationships; Issa and Molly’s friendship, and Issa and Lawrence’s love.”

Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 11 premiere HBO / Crave app) “The HBO comedy series stars SEINFELD co-creator Larry David as an over-the-top version of himself in an unsparing but tongue-in-cheek depiction of his fictionalized life. The series continues to prove how seemingly trivial details of one’s day-to-day life – a cold cup of coffee, a stained shirt, a missing toothbrush – can precipitate a chain of misfortune to hilarious effect.”

Monday Oct. 25

All American (Season 4 premiere 7pmCT/8ET on Showcase)

Tuesday Oct. 26

American Veteran (doc series premiere PBS) “Today, America has nearly 18 million living military veterans, from the “Greatest Generation” to men and women coming home from recent tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.  They join the now-silent ranks of American veterans reaching back to our earliest conflict, the Revolutionary War. American Veteran illuminates the veteran experience with a stunning range of voices from today and across the arc of American history. ”

Wednesday Oct. 27

The Other Side (Season 7 premiere APTN) “Follow the talented trio helping spirits and their loved ones find peace under the guidance of an Indigenous Elder. Opening the door to the spirit world can have unexpected results. That’s why the team of The Other Side approach every investigation with respect. Intuitive Jeff Richards, researcher Erin Goodpipe and Spirit Guide Tom Charles know that they won’t escape unchanged – and neither will viewers. This year features an episode inside APTN’s head office in Winnipeg.”

Thursday Oct. 28

Star Trek: Prodigy (kids series premiere CTV Sci-Fi)

Friday Oct. 29

Colin in Black and White (series premiere Netflix) “From co-creators Ava DuVernay and Colin Kaepernick comes Colin in Black & White, a bold new limited series that chronicles Kaepernick’s coming of age story, tackling the obstacles of race, class and culture as the Black adopted child of a white family. Colin in Black & White stars Jaden Michael as Young Colin before reaching the highest levels of American football as an NFL quarterback and becoming a cultural icon and activist; Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker as his well-meaning parents Rick and Teresa; and Colin Kaepernick himself, who appears as the present-day narrator of his own story, guiding viewers through a robust and colorfully presented array of historical and contemporary contextual moments. You don’t know Kaepernick until you know Colin.”

Swagger (series premiere Apple TV+) “from creator and showrunner Reggie Rock Bythewood, NBA superstar Kevin Durant and Imagine’s Brian Grazer, … “Swagger” explores the world of youth basketball, and the players, their families and coaches who walk the fine line between dreams and ambition, and opportunism and corruption. Off the court, the show reveals what it’s like to grow up in America. The new series is led by an ensemble cast of stars including O’Shea Jackson Jr., Isaiah Hill, Academy Award nominee Quvenzhané Wallis, Shinelle Azoroh, Tessa Ferrer, Caleel Harris, James Bingham, Solomon Irama, Ozie Nzeribe and Tristan Mack Wilds. Jackson stars as Ike, a former star player who’s now a youth basketball coach; Hill stars as Jace Carson, a basketball phenomenon who is one of the top-ranked youth basketball players in the country; Azoroh plays Jenna, Jace’s mother who is determined to chart NBA success for her son; Ferrer plays Meg Bailey, a former basketball player and coach for a rival team; Wallis plays Crystal, a top young basketball player; Harris plays Musa, the team’s glue and point guard; Bingham plays Drew Murphy, a player from an affluent part of town; Irama plays Phil Marksby, the enforcer for a rival team; Nzeribe plays Royale, a sub-par player with a wealthy dad; and Wilds plays Alonzo Powers, the grassroots division leader at a major shoe company.”

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (movie premiere HBO?, Crave app) “Based on a true chilling story of terror, murder, and unknown evil, THE CONJURING: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT premieres Halloween weekend Friday Oct. 29. Paranormal investigators Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) take on one of the most sensational cases of their careers after a cop stumbles upon a dazed and bloodied young man walking down the road. Accused of murder, the suspect claims demonic possession as his defense, forcing the Warrens into a supernatural inquiry unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.”

Last Night in Soho (movie premiere Netflix) “In acclaimed director Edgar Wright’s psychological thriller, Eloise, an aspiring fashion designer, is mysteriously able to enter the 1960s where she encounters a dazzling wannabe singer, Sandie. But the glamour is not all it appears to be and the dreams of the past start to crack and splinter into something far darker.” Case includes: Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie, Matt Smith, Terence Stamp, Diana Rigg, Rita Tushingham, Michael Ajao, Synnøve Karlsen.”

Unheard (series premiere Amazon Prime Video) “When India won its freedom from the British, Hyderabad was still under the Nizam’s rule. The state became the epicenter of differing voices, most of them unheard. In this unique conversational drama, discover the struggle for freedom from the rarely told view of Hyperbadi. Cast includes Avasarala Srinivas, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Ajay, Bala Aditya, Chandini Chowdary, and Chakrapani.”

Fairfax (series premiere Amazon Prime Video) “From the studio behind Big Mouth, comes the smart, weird, and hilarious adult comedy about four middle school best friends on a never-ending quest for clout along Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles’ pulsing heart of hypebeast culture. The series takes a modern look at the timeless struggle to be cooler than you are and to fit in while standing out.”

PEN15 ANIMATED SPECIAL (Canadian premiere CBC Gem) “In this animated special Anna and Maya are introduced to new crippling insecurities. The girls try to ignore them but a mystical turn makes their self doubt impossible to forget.”

Saturday Oct. 30

Army of Thieves (movie premiere Netflix) “In this prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, small-town bank teller Dieter gets drawn into the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious woman recruits him to join a crew of Interpol’s most wanted criminals, attempting to heist a sequence of legendary, impossible-to-crack safes across Europe.”

Sunday Oct. 31

Life Below Zero: Canada (series premiere APTN) “From long, dark, frozen winters to sweltering, bug-infested summers, Life Below Zero: Canada captures the day-to-day trials of people living in unforgiving environments. Follow the cast as they survive in the coldest and most remote regions of Northern Canada.”

November no date yet

A Boy Called Christmas (premiere Netflix) 

Monday Nov. 1

Dalgliesh (Acorn TV Original) “Adapted from P.D. James’ bestselling and acclaimed Adam Dalgliesh Mystery novels, this intriguing new crime drama stars Bertie Carvel (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse, Doctor Foster) as the titular detective in three two-part films that each feature its own unique setting and extraordinary cast. This season set in 1970s England follows the enigmatic, yet emotionally intelligent and empathetic, Adam Dalgliesh as he solves unusual murders ranging from a nursing student poisoned during a training demonstration to a homeless man and recently resigned Tory MP whose throats were slashed in a London church.”

Wednesday Nov. 3

The Harder They Fall (movie premiere Netflix after Oct. 22 premiere in cinemas) “When an outlaw (Jonathan Majors) discovers his enemy (Idris Elba) is being released from prison, he reunites his gang to seek revenge in this Western.”

Friday Nov. 5

Dickinson (Season 3 premiere Apple TV+) “​​In the (10-episode) third season, Emily Dickinson’s most productive time as an artist falls amid the raging American Civil War and an equally fierce battle that divides her own family. As Emily tries to heal the divides around her, she wonders if art can help keep hope alive, and whether the future can be better than the past.”

Finch (premiere Apple TV+) “​​A man, a robot and a dog form an unlikely family in a powerful and moving adventure of one man’s quest to ensure that his beloved canine companion will be cared for after he’s gone. Hanks stars as Finch, a robotics engineer and one of the few survivors of a cataclysmic solar event that has left the world a wasteland. But Finch, who has been living in an underground bunker for a decade, has built a world of his own that he shares with his dog, Goodyear. He creates a robot, played by Jones, to watch over Goodyear when he no longer can. As the trio embarks on a perilous journey into a desolate American West, Finch strives to show his creation, who names himself Jeff, the joy and wonder of what it means to be alive. Their road trip is paved with both challenges and humor, as it’s as difficult for Finch to goad Jeff and Goodyear to get along as it is for him to manage the dangers of the new world.”

A Cop Movie (premiere Netflix) “This documentary walks the line between fact and fiction, delving into corruption in the Mexican police through the experiences of two officers.”

Love Hard (movie premiere Netflix) “An unlucky-in-love LA journalist (Nina Dobrev) flies cross-country to surprise a guy she fell for on a dating app, only to discover she’s been catfished.”

Narcos: Mexico (Season 3 premiere Netflix)

Saturday Nov. 6

Highway to Heaven (movie premiere on Lifetime? if the Canadian version simulcasts with the American Lifetime) “An updated take on Michael Landon’s iconic 80s television series Highway to Heaven, Lifetime’s new original movie reboot follows Angela Stewart (Jill Scott), an angel who is sent back to earth to help others in need. In the first movie, premiering November 6, 2021, Angela the angel takes on the role of a temporary school counselor. Working alongside junior high school principal Bruce Banks (Barry Watson), she intervenes in the life of a troubled student Cody Grier (Ben Daon) who is struggling with the tragic loss of his mother.”

Sunday Nov. 7

Dexter: New Blood (limited spinoff series premiere Crave) “Set 10 years after Dexter went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, SHOWTIME’s DEXTER: NEW BLOOD finds him living under an assumed name in the small town of Iron Lake, New York. Dexter may be embracing his new life, but in the wake of unexpected events in this close-knit community, his Dark Passenger beckons. Joining Hall, the cast also includes Julia Jones (The Mandalorian), Alano Miller (Sylvie’s Love), Johnny Sequoyah (Believe), Jack Alcott (THE GOOD LORD BIRD) and Clancy Brown (The Crown, BILLIONS).  ”

Wednesday Nov. 10

Gentefied (Season 2 premiere Netflix)

Passing (premiere Netflix) IMDb says this movie, written and directed by Rebecca Hall and starring Ruth Negga, Tessa Thompson and André Holland, “follows the unexpected reunion of two high school friends, whose renewed acquaintance ignites a mutual obsession that threatens both of their carefully constructed realities.”

Thursday Nov. 11

Ragdoll (series premiere AMC+ app) “From the award-winning producers of Killing Eve comes a new AMC+ Original series. Six people have been murdered, dismembered and sewn into the shape of one grotesque body — nicknamed the ‘Ragdoll.’ Assigned to this shocking case are newly-reinstated DS Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes); his best friend and boss, DI Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira); and the unit’s new recruit, DC Lake Edmunds (Lucy Hale). The ‘Ragdoll Killer’ taunts the police by sending them a list of his next victims, with Rose’s name at the very end. And with those victims to protect, our heroes soon come under intense public scrutiny. A gruesomely imaginative serial killer thriller, Ragdoll captures the fascinating but flawed friends struggling with the consequences of institutionalization and trauma. Executive produced and commissioned by AMC and UKTV’s Alibi, and executive produced by Sid Gentle Films Ltd. (Killing Eve), with Freddy Syborn (Ms. Marvel, Bad Education) as lead writer and executive producer.”

Friday Nov. 12

Red Notice (movie premiere Netflix) “When an Interpol-issued Red Notice — the highest level warrant to hunt and capture the world’s most wanted— goes out, the FBI’s top profiler John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) is on the case. His global pursuit finds him smack dab in the middle of a daring heist where he’s forced to partner with the world’s greatest art thief Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) in order to catch the world’s most wanted art thief, “The Bishop” (Gal Gadot). The high-flying adventure that ensues takes the trio around the world, across the dance floor, trapped in a secluded prison, into the jungle and, worst of all for them, constantly into each other’s company. The all star cast is joined by Ritu Arya and Chris Diamantopolous. Directed and written by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Central Intelligence, Skyscraper) and produced by Hiram Garcia, Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia of Seven Bucks Productions, Beau Flynn’s Flynn Picture Co. and Thurber’s Bad Version, Inc., Red Notice is a stylish globe-trotting game of cat-and-mouse (and cat).” Cast includes Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds

The Shrink Next Door (series premiere Apple TV+) “Inspired by true events, “The Shrink Next Door” details the bizarre relationship between psychiatrist to the stars Dr. Isaac “Ike” Herschkopf (played by Paul Rudd) and his longtime patient Martin “Marty” Markowitz (played by Will Ferrell). Over the course of their relationship, the all-too-charming Ike slowly inserts himself into Marty’s life, even moving into Marty’s Hamptons home and persuading Marty to name him president of the family business. The series explores how a seemingly normal doctor-patient dynamic morphs into an exploitative relationship filled with manipulation, power grabs, and dysfunction at its finest. The series also stars Kathryn Hahn as Phyllis, Marty’s younger sister, and Casey Wilson as Bonnie, the wife of Dr. Herschkopf.”

Sunday Nov. 14

Yellowjackets (series premiere Crave) “Yellowjackets is the saga of a team of wildly talented high school girls soccer players who become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the remote northern wilderness. The series chronicles their descent from a complicated but thriving team to savage clans, while also tracking the lives they’ve attempted to piece back together nearly 25 years later, proving that the past is never really past and what began out in the wilderness is far from over.”

Wednesday Nov. 17

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (premiere Netflix) 

Thursday Nov. 18

Star Trek: Discovery (Season 4 premiere on CTV Sci-Fi)

Anna (series premiere AMC+ app) “is a dystopian story of a ravaged world destroyed by a virus which kills adults but spares children. Set amongst parched fields and mysterious forests, the crumbling hulks of shopping malls and abandoned cities pierce deserted wide-open spaces on an island reclaimed by nature and run by savage communities of survivors, most of whom are children. Anna only has one guide: a book left by her mother with instructions on how to survive. But, with each passing day she discovers that the old rules no longer apply, and instead has to make up new ones as she goes along.”

Friday Nov. 19

tick, tick… BOOM! (opens in cinemas this day, with streaming premiere to follow soonish? on Netflix) “Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda makes his feature directorial debut with tick, tick…BOOM!, an adaptation of the autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson, who revolutionized theater as the creator of Rent. The film follows Jon (Academy Award nominee and Tony Award winner Andrew Garfield), a young theater composer who’s waiting tables at a New York City diner in 1990 while writing what he hopes will be the next great American musical. With the clock ticking, Jon is at a crossroads and faces the question everyone must reckon with: What are we meant to do with the time we have? Starring Academy Award nominee and Tony Award winner Andrew Garfield, Alexandra Shipp, Tony Award nominee Robin de Jesús, Tony Award nominee Joshua Henry, MJ Rodriguez, Emmy Award winner Bradley Whitford, Tariq Trotter, with Emmy and Tony Award winner Judith Light, and Vanessa Hudgens.”

Cowboy Bebop (premiere Netflix) “A ragtag crew of bounty hunters chases down the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals. They’ll save the world … for the right price. A live-action series. Starring: John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda.”

The Wheel of Time (series premiere Amazon Prime Video) Fantasy adventure starring Rosamund Pike and based on the book series.


Hellbound (premiere Netflix) 

Monday Nov. 22

Bruised (premiere Netflix)

Wednesday Nov. 24

Hawkeye (premiere Disney+) “stars Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, who teams up with another well-known archer from the Marvel comics, Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld. The cast also includes Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James and newcomer Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez. Hawkeye is helmed by Rhys Thomas and directing duo Bert and Bertie.”

Bruised (premiere Netflix) 

Thursday Nov. 25

The Beatles: Get Back (doc series premiere Disney+) “From three-time Oscar-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson comes … a three-part documentary series that takes audiences back in time to The Beatles’ intimate recording sessions during a pivotal moment in music history. … Shot in January 1969 and compiled from over 60 hours of unseen footage (filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg) more than 150 hours of unheard audio, all of which has been brilliantly restored. … [It follows] John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr as they plan their first live show in over two years and charts the writing and rehearsing of 14 new songs, originally intended for release on an accompanying live album. The series features — for the first time in its entirely — The Beatles’ last live performance as a group, the unforgettable rooftop concert on London’s Savile Row, as well as other songs and classic compositions featured on the band’s final two albums, Abbey Road and Let It Be.”

Saturday Nov. 27

Robin Robin (animated premiere Netflix) “In this stop-motion short film, a bird raised by mice begins to question where she belongs and sets off on a daring journey of self-discovery.”

(Items below this line are especially subject to change 😉

Dec. 1

The Power of the Dog (movie premiere after theatre release on Nov. 17) “Severe, pale-eyed, handsome, Phil Burbank is brutally beguiling. All of Phil’s romance, power and fragility is trapped in the past and in the land: He can castrate a bull calf with two swift slashes of his knife; he swims naked in the river, smearing his body with mud. He is a cowboy as raw as his hides.” Written and directed by Jane Campion and including stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Thomasin McKenzie, Frances Conroy, Keith Carradine, Peter Carroll, Adam Beach Producers: Emile Sherman, Iain Canning, Roger Frappier, Jane Campion, Tanya Seghatchian”

Dec. 3

Wolf (movie premiere in cinemas and later on Netflix) “Believing he is a wolf trapped in a human body, Jacob (George MacKay) eats, sleeps, and lives like a wolf – much to the shock of his family. When he’s sent to a clinic, Jacob and his animal-bound peers are forced to undergo increasingly extreme forms of ‘curative’ therapies. However once he meets the mysterious Wildcat (Lily-Rose Depp), and as their friendship blossoms into an undeniable infatuation, Jacob is faced with a challenge: will he renounce his true self for love. Director: Nathalie Biancheri Writer: Nathalie Biancheri Producers: Jessie Fisk, Jane Doolan Cast: George MacKay, Lily-Rose Depp, Paddy Considine, Eileen Walsh.”

Dec. 10

The Unforgiveable (premiere Netflix)

Dec. 15

The Hand of God (movie premiere Netflix after theatre release) “From Academy Award-winning writer and director Paolo Sorrentino (The Great Beauty), comes the story of a young man’s heartbreak and liberation in 1980s Naples, Italy. The Hand of God follows Fabietto Schisa, an awkward Italian teen whose life and vibrant, eccentric family are suddenly upended—first by the electrifying arrival of soccer legend Diego Maradona and then by a shocking accident from which Maradona inadvertently saves Fabietto, setting his future in motion. Sorrentino returns to his hometown to tell his most personal story, a tale of fate and family, sports and cinema, love and loss.” Stars include Filippo Scotti, Toni Servillo, Teresa Saponangelo, Marlon Joubert, Luisa Ranieri, Renato Carpentieri, Massimiliano Gallo, Betti Pedrazzi, Biagio Manna, Ciro Capano, Enzo Decaro, Lino Musella, Sofya Gershevich

Dec. 17

The Witcher (premiere Netflix)

Dec. 22

Emily in Paris (Season 2 premiere Netflix) “Now more entrenched in her life in Paris, Emily’s getting better at navigating the city but still struggling with the idiosyncrasies of French life. After stumbling into a love triangle with her neighbor and her first real French friend, Emily is determined to focus on her work — which is getting more complicated by the day. In French class, she meets a fellow expat who both infuriates and intrigues her. … Producer and star Lily Collins reprises her role as Emily Cooper, alongside returning series regulars Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery, and William Abadie, recurring guest star Kate Walsh, and new cast members Lucien Laviscount, Jeremy O. Harris, and Arnaud Binard. EMILY IN PARIS is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, Darren Star Productions, and Jax Media.”

Dec. 24

Don’t Look Up (premiere Netflix)

Dec. 31

Cobra Kai (Season 4 premiere Netflix) 

The Lost Daughter (movie premiere Netflix after theatre release Dec. 17) “Alone on a seaside vacation, Leda (Olivia Colman) becomes consumed with a young mother and daughter as she watches them on the beach. Unnerved by their compelling relationship, (and their raucous and menacing extended family), Leda is overwhelmed by her own memories of the terror, confusion and intensity of early motherhood. An impulsive act shocks Leda into the strange and ominous world of her own mind, where she is forced to face the unconventional choices she made as a young mother and their consequences. This is Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut, based on the novel by Elena Ferrante. THE LOST DAUGHTER also stars Jessie Buckley, Dakota Johnson, Ed Harris, Peter Sarsgaard, Dagmara Dominczyk, and Paul Mescal.”

No date yet

Better Things (Season 5 premiere FX) sometime in 2021?

The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience (Netflix select cities 2022) Date for S2 has also yet to be announced, fyi. “coming to select cities across the globe in 2022. These events will undoubtedly be the talk of The Ton and mark the beginning of the much anticipated social season. Guests will be transported to England’s Regency-era London for a live concert by a string quartet playing Bridgerton’s memorable soundtrack. Alongside the music, attendees will be acquainted with familiar characters to relive and participate in much-loved moments from Netflix and Shondaland’s hit series. Attendees will be guided through the evening by the voice of the enigmatic Lady Whistledown and presented with opportunities to prove they are deserving of Her Majesty, the Queen’s attention. The experience features immersive rooms, including a visit to Madame Delacroix’s modiste to get fitted for the occasion, a stop at an underground Regency-era Painting Studio to strike their most regal pose, and a highly-anticipated visit with the Queen to try and win Her Majesty’s favor. Throughout the evening, dancers will perform alongside a string quartet playing music inspired by the series, including the classical covers of contemporary songs.”

Wednesday? (Netflix?) “Tim Burton is making his directorial TV debut with a spin-off of The Addams Family. Wednesday will revolve around The Addams Family daughter, Wednesday Addams, the scene stealer played by Lisa Loring in the original 1964-65 series, and by Christina Ricci in the 1991 and 1993 Addams Family movies. Series creators Al Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville) will act as showrunners for Wednesday, an eight-episode series that will feature the moody Addams as a teen. Netflix describes Wednesday as “a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy.” She “attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago” while also trying to juggle complicated relationships with her fellow Nevermore students.”

Joe Exotic (series premiere on a Corus network) Creators/stars? Kate McKinnon and John Cameron Mitchell) based on Oklahoma zoo operator featured in the COVID-era-blockbuster Netflix series Tiger King.

Angelyne series premiere on ?? Corus network starring Emmy Rossum.

MacGruber (series premiere on Showcase? Corus channel?) “high-octane action comedy MacGruber debuts, starring and executive produced by Will Forte.”

Naomi (series premiere W Network) “New DC drama Naomi from Oscar®-nominee and Emmy® Award-winner Ava DuVernay follows a teen girl’s journey from her small northwestern town to the heights of the Multiverse.”

Outlander (Season x premiere W Network) spring 2022

Charmed (Season x premiere W Network) spring 2022

One of Us Is Lying (Series premiere W Network) “Based on Karen M. McManus’s New York Times best-selling novel, One of Us is Lying is the story of what happens when five high schoolers walk into detention and only four make it out alive. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone has something to hide.”

Lace (fall 2021 ALLBLK)

Lace follows a prolific Los Angeles attorney, Lacey McCullough (Maryam Basir), who often blurs the lines between right and wrong to protect her rich and powerful clientele. McCullough, is a successful and highly connected attorney whose influence sometimes leads her down a very dark path. With the help of her trusted associates, Othello Charles (Skyh Black) and Britney Deveaux (Tanyell Waivers) – and the ever-efficient twins, Aaron (Antoine Harris) and Nora Tuft (Taylor Bynoe) – she’s currently involved in one of her most mysterious and perilous cases to date.

Covenant (Premieres Fall 2021 ALLBLK) “Covenant will create a world of thrilling, suspenseful drama where characters and stories of the bible are thrust into a vicious dystopia of present-day, real-life situations. Each episode will reimagine a classic story as it would take place in the modern world – challenging viewers to examine how sacred lessons of faith and love fit into today’s society.

Partners In Rhyme (Premieres Fall 2021 ALLBLK) “Trailblazing rap legend, MC Lyte, teams up with “Martin” Executive Producer, Bentley Kyle Evans, for a hilarious new sitcom, Partners in Rhyme. The show following the life of a female high school rapper, social media star and foster kid who thinks she is the next Cardi B. MC Lyte will star in the series as a label executive charged with helping the difficult but talented new artist navigate the industry. Cast includes Lana (MC Lyte), Luscious T (Prescious Way), Mekhi (Ronald Gaither), Vicky (Cloie Taylor), Hazel (Rolanda Watts), Boston (Wesley Waples), Jerry (Bruce Nozick)

Star Trek: Picard (Season 3 premieres CTV Sci-Fi / Crave) February 2022

THE PORTER (series premiere CBC) (A CBC and BET+ original series; Winter 2022; 8×60; Inferno Pictures and Sphere Media’s Sienna Films) is set in the 1920s and inspired by real events. Co-starring Aml Ameen (I May Destroy You, Yardie), Ronnie Rowe Jr. (Star Trek: Discovery, Pretty Hard Cases) and Mouna Traoré (Self Made, The Umbrella Academy), the series follows the true story of railway workers from both Canada and the United States joining together in the fight to give birth to the world’s first Black union. In the midst of the struggle there are loves lives and friendships that suffer and thrive. Set primarily in Montreal, Chicago and Detroit as the world rebuilds after the First World War, The Porter focuses on the Black community in St. Antoine, Montreal – known, at the time, as the “Harlem of the North.” They’re young, gifted, and Black, from Canada, the Caribbean and the U.S., and they find themselves thrown together in an era that boasts anything is possible. If change isn’t coming for them, they will come for it. Originated and created by Arnold Pinnock (Altered Carbon, Travelers) and Bruce Ramsay (19-2, Cardinal), and led by showrunners and executive producers Annmarie Morais (Killjoys, Ransom, American Soul) and Marsha Greene (Private Eyes, Ten Days In The Valley, Mary Kills People), and directors and executive producers Charles Officer (Akilla’s Escape, Ransom, Coroner) and R.T. Thorne (Blindspot, Utopia Falls).

THE RED (series premiere CBC) (New greenlight for 2022-23, one-hour drama; Eagle Vision and Halfire Entertainment) is a fictional investigative series created and written by Canadian Métis director, writer and producer Marie Clements and inspired by real crimes. THE RED follows Payton Thiso (Sarah Podemski) and Gia Jonsson (Sarah Gadon), two women from completely different backgrounds, who find themselves thrown together inside the newly formed Indigenous Task Force, looking for answers while unearthing the systemic racism within the criminal and social justice systems. Can these broken systems be fixed? Or do we need to build new systems from scratch?

CORONER (Season 4 premiere CBC) Winter 2022; 12×60; Muse Entertainment, Back Alley Films, Cineflix Studios)

PRETTY HARD CASES (Season 2 premiere CBC) Winter 2022; 12×60; Cameron Pictures)

RUN THE BURBS (Winter 2022 CBC; 13×30, Pier 21 Films) is created by comedian, writer and actor Andrew Phung (Kim’s Convenience) and his best friend and collaborator, filmmaker Scott Townend (The Secret Marathon). The series follows a young, bold Canadian family taking a different approach to living life to the fullest in the suburbs, featuring Phung as a stay-at-home dad with an entrepreneur wife and two kids.

SON OF A CRITCH (Winter 2022 CBC 13×30, Project 10 Productions) is based on the award-winning, best-selling memoir from Mark Critch (This Hour Has 22 Minutes), created by Critch and Tim McAuliffe (The Office (U.S.), Last Man on Earth) and produced by Andrew Barnsley (Schitt’s Creek). This new original comedy is the hilarious and very real story of 11-year-old Mark coming of age in St. John’s, Newfoundland in the 80s. It’s a heartfelt window into the life of a child – much older inside than his 11 years – using comedy and self-deprecation to win friends and connect with the small collection of people in his limited world.

TALLBOYZ (Season 3 Premiere CBC Winter 2022; 8×30, Accent Entertainment)

WORKIN’ MOMS (Season 6 Premiere CBC Winter 2022; 13×30; Wolf + Rabbit Entertainment)

HA!IFAX COMEDY FEST (Season 25 premiere CBC 6×30; Pilot Light Productions)

THE NEW WAVE OF STANDUP (Season 2 premiere CBC 4×30, Just For Laughs TV)

WINNIPEG COMEDY FESTIVAL (Season 19 premiere CBC 5×60, Frantic Films)


Reframed: Marilyn Monroe CNN –Reframed: Marilyn Monroe is a four-part series produced by RAW TV that will reevaluate and reclaim the life and legacy of Marilyn Monroe from a modern perspective.  The series critically explores how she was presented, and how she presented herself, to uncover the real Marilyn.

Dark was the Night: The Life of Hitler CNN — Dark was the Night: The Life of Hitler, produced by Left/Right, is an examination of the life and times of Adolf Hitler, one of the most reviled figures in modern history. This series follows the full arc of his dramatic ascent, tyrannical reign, murderous criminality, and ultimate undoing. It dives deep into the cultural, social, and political influences that shaped him into a leader who could lure millions of Germans to support him in mass murder and world war.  Immersive and intimate, Dark was the Night lays bare a Nazi leader’s deepest obsessions, personal motivations, closest relationships, and crippling fears. Featuring never-before-broadcast archival material, this series is the definitive telling of the Hitler story – how an obscure man from the Austrian provinces became a modern symbol of human evil.

Patagonia (wt) CNN — Patagonia (wt), produced by Plimsoll Productions, is a sweeping and immersive deep dive into the land, animals, and people of one of the last untouched places on earth, the far-off land of Patagonia in South America.

LBJ: Triumph and Tragedy CNN — Lyndon Baines Johnson is one of the most consequential Presidents Americans don’t know well enough. A larger than life Texan with a dynamic personality, Johnson has been indelibly condemned as a flawed, accidental president, or simply lost to history without a clear individual identity in the U.S. presidential lexicon.  Johnson, a presidential enigma, was a master of the political process.  He was responsible for passing some of the most significant pieces of legislation in modern history, during the most contentious times imaginable.  But, while he was reshaping the social fabric of America, bringing the South out of the past and into the future, Johnson was simultaneously escalating a war that would rip America apart at the seams. The series, produced by Bat Bridge Entertainment, will be equal parts interviews, archival content, and recreations that combine to answer the question: ‘Warmongering buffoon or legislative genius, who is the real Lyndon Baines Johnson?’

Nomad with Carlton McCoy (wt) — CNN By trade, Carlton McCoy is a Master Sommelier, entrepreneur, and CEO. By definition, Carlton is a cultural shape-shifter, a person who has the capacity to walk the lines of our divided country and world. This series, produced by Zero Point Zero Production, will examine culture and the things that bring people together in life.  Nomad will showcase and celebrate what makes us unique and what makes us the same: music, food, fashion, and culture, the intangible magic that connects us.

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy  CNN— Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, a CNN Original Series produced by RAW TV, follows Academy Award-nominee Stanley Tucci as he travels across Italy to discover the secrets and delights of the country’s regional cuisines. The second season will premiere in 2022.

United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell  CNN—United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell, produced by Zero Point Zero Production, is an eight-part documentary series that follows socio-political comedian W. Kamau Bell as he explores communities across the country to understand the issues that impact them. His unique ability to approach each topic with empathy and humor gives voice to those whose perspectives are too often left out of the conversation. The seventh season will premiere in 2022.


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"I’m very shy really. I spend a lot of time in my room alone reading or writing or watching television.” And If it’s good enough for Johnny Cash, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

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"I’m very shy really. I spend a lot of time in my room alone reading or writing or watching television.” And If it’s good enough for Johnny Cash, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

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