TV May 15-21: Time Traveler’s Wife, Lucy Wolseley Investigates, G Word with Adam Conover, Katt Williams: World War III, Love on the Spectrum, Ipcress File, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, Night Sky, Now and Then, Kids in the Hall doc, George Carlin’s American Dream, Love Death and Robots, The Valet, Twenties, SNL with Natasha Lyonne and Japanese Breakfast

Let's cut to the chase. I've got balcony furniture to move around so I can fall asleep outdoors I mean track the blood moon/eclipse tonight. Here's the new TV of note for this week. Sunday May 15 The Time Traveler’s Wife (HBO Crave series premiere) “An intricate and magical love story adapted by Steven Moffat... Continue Reading →

TV May 8-14: Old Henry, Writing with Fire, Sheryl, Almost Paradise, Breeders, Candy?, Finding Your Roots, American Masters: Waterman, the Quest, Operation Mincemeat, Our Father, Hacks, Zarqa, Lincoln Lawyer, Kids in the Hall, Sneakerella, Essex Serpent, Saturday Night Live with Selena Gomez and Post Malone

I want to start by saying the age-related napping is not something I can control though it does reduce my available time for TV writing for you who are, collectively, my reason for living. Therefore, on bended knee, here's some important catching up before we get to the May 8-14 new-program notes. Catching up Old... Continue Reading →

TV May 1-7: Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, Ridley Road, Duncanville, Spring Awakening, Yellowface, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Staircase, Pentaverate, Clark, Bosch: Legacy, The Wilds, The Takedown, The Big Conn, Tehran, Benedict Cumberbatch and Arcade Fire on SNL

Hello chickens. Keeping well? Have enough COVID test kits? And you're using them, right? I worry. I worry. Except when I'm watching TV. And so. New TV! Sunday May 1 Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy (Season 2 premiere CNN 8pmCT/9ET) How lucky are we to have Part 2 of Tucci travels across Italy to discover the secrets... Continue Reading →

TV April 24-30: Barry, The Baby, Gaslit, The Man Who Fell to Earth, We Own This City, Gentleman Jack, David Spade, The Survivor, Sketchbook, The 7 Lives of Lea, Grace and Frankie, Ozark, Contractor, I Love America, Undone, Tin Star: Liverpool, Rumspringa, Shining Girls, I Love That for You

As I write this, I am keeping an eye on my toilet, which vomited soap suds a couple of weeks ago (true, could've been worse), and the Red River, which is a meter higher than a few days ago as the rain continues to pelt down. I woke up relieved that my dream of overflowing... Continue Reading →

TV April 17-23: The First Lady, Better Call Saul, White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch, Russian Doll, Mayans M.C., Yakamoz S-245, The Flight Attendant, The Girl from Plainville, A Very British Scandal, They Call Me Magic, Oprah + Viola

What kind of spring is this? In Winnipeg it's a snowy one. And a COVIDy one yet again. Nevertheless they persisted. Here's some TV to wile away the hours until and old-school spring digs in. Sunday April 17 THE FIRST LADY (series premieres 10pmCT/11ET on Crave, Crave app) “I will be here for you,” one... Continue Reading →

TV April 10-16: 61st Street, Our Great National Parks, Paul Rabliauskas: Uncle, Wellington Paranormal, Outer Range, Bill Maher #adulting, Roar, Lizzo on SNL

Hello chickens. Hope you are well. Here's some new TV to fit in before Easter. Sunday April 10 61st Street (series premiere  AMC) “From executive producer Michael B. Jordan, 61st Street follows a promising black high school athlete who is swept up into the infamously corrupt Chicago criminal justice system.” Wednesday April 13 Our... Continue Reading →

TV April 3-9: Moonshot, Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History, Benjamin Franklin, Invisible Pilot, Tony Hawk, Ronny Chieng, Tokyo Vice, Black Lady Sketch Show, Woke, All the Old Knives, Jake Gyllenhaal on SNL

My people! More TV. But if you haven't yet, please do go to Crave to check out Jerrod Carmichael's comedy special, Rothaniel. Wow. Here's some more new stuff for us all the check out. Catching up MOONSHOT (March 31 movie premiere Crave) “Romantic comedy meets sci-fi in MOONSHOT, starring Cole Sprouse (RIVERDALE) and Lana Condor... Continue Reading →

TV March 27-April 2: Oscars, How to Survive a Pandemic, Johnny Hallyday, Moon Knight, How We Roll, Julia, Slow Horses, Apollo 10 1/2, The Bubble, Moonfall, The A Word, Better Nate Than Ever, Knight Raiders, Jerrod Carmichael, SNL

Hello! Here we go, all the new and returning TV premieres that are fit to print! Pace yourself. Sunday March 27 Oscars (7pmCT/8ET CTV and ABC) Tuesday March 29 HOW TO SURVIVE A PANDEMIC (doc premiere HBO/Crave 8pmCT/9ET) “takes an inside look at the historic, multi-national race to research, develop, regulate, and roll out COVID-19... Continue Reading →

TV March 20-26: DMZ, Minx, Water Walker, Sanditon, Call the Midwife, Before We Die, Adele, Temple, Jeff Foxworthy, Joe vs. Carole, Une Affaire Criminelle, Atlanta, Halo, Lizzo, Starstruck, Pachinko, Bridgerton, Hello (Again), Olivia Rodrigo

Hello lovelies. Even I will go for a walk today. Tear yourself away from the screen for a wee bit, right? I worry, I worry! Catching up DMZ (series premiere Crave) I tried this for 15 minutes and despite Dawson and Bratt, I dunno. "From Ava DuVernay (WHEN THEY SEE US) and Robert Patino (WESTWORLD), HBO... Continue Reading →

TV March 13-19: Outlander, How I Met Your Mother, The Adam Project, Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, Turning Red, Charmed, Young Rock, Catherine Cohen, Phoenix Rising, Adam by Eve, Evil by Design: Surviving Nygard, Welcome to Flatch, WeCrashed, Master, Black Crab, Windfall, Life & Beth, Cheaper be the Dozen, More Than Robots, Human Resources

Hope you enjoyed last week's break as much as I did. "Catching up" covers the top new-program notes and then we get back to regular posting of the coming week's new program notes. I missed you! Catching up Outlander (Season 6 is back, Sunday nights W, having started March 6) “The new season of Outlander sees... Continue Reading →

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